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Goldfinch GFI Price Analysis as RWA Coins Hold Strong In April 2024

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GFI Price Analysis: As Goldfinch price rallies hard, adding nearly 4X in a month, RWAs set to extend gains in Q2 2024 - explore GFI crypto.

RWA coins are set to extend their gains in Q2 2024, and in testament to this, Goldfinch Crypto (GFI) has rallied almost 4x over the past month, let’s dig into the action in Goldfinch price analysis and discover what’s in store for GFI crypto token.

Goldfinch is in the midst of a skyrocket, which so far has seen GFI price surge almost 4X from March 2024 lows, and considering the sudden boom in RWA cryptocurrencies, GFI could be a coin to watch – emerging as one of the top performers in March.


GFI Price Analysis: As Goldfinch Crypto Skyrockets – How Is Price Action Stacking Up?

As of April 2, GFI price stands at a little over $4.5, while the token has been trading in a minor localized retracement in the past 24 hours, which has so far seen a price drop of -13%.

Despite this, the uptrend remains in the long term. So far, the token is up nearly +745% in the past year alone.

GFI Price Analysis: As Goldfinch price rallies hard, adding nearly 4X in a month, RWAs set to extend gains in Q2 2024 - explore GFI crypto.


A closer examination of GFI price analysis draws on the GFI candlestick arrangements in the daily chart,  which suggest the token will likely extend gains in the seasons ahead, soaring after the plunge in 2022 that sent it below $0.40. 

GFI follows the exemplary performance of ONDO Finance, Landshare (LAND), and other platforms like Pendle Finance – these projects are leaders in RWA, and GFI is already proving to be a tough competitor. 

According to CoinGecko, RWA coins have a market cap of over $8.3 billion and an average 24-hour trading volume of more than $1 billion.

GFI Price Analysis: As Goldfinch price rallies hard, adding nearly 4X in a month, RWAs set to extend gains in Q2 2024 - explore GFI crypto.


Deep-Dive: Why Is Goldfinch Crypto Standing Out?

Goldfinch is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform for users to lend USDC to global businesses – to do this, they leverage smart contracts and RWAs, thereby opening up new doors for more inclusive financial systems. 

Goldfinch offers yields backed by real-world assets to avoid volatility, with collateralization happening off-chain – while GFI is reaping big benefits from the RWA wave, the recent listing on Bitget is also fueling demand. Users can easily trade assets through the exchange, improving the token’s liquidity. 

So far, GFI is available on nine exchanges, including Coinbase and Most trading is on the two platforms, but a smaller portion is on Uniswap.

Beyond improved liquidity, GFI’s supply has been dropping in the past months – out of the 114 million total supply, as laid out by CoinGecko, there are now just 71 million GFI in circulation.

This could induce further Goldfinch price gains, as demand grows – potentially outstripping supply over the course of the bull run.

The Bottom Line: Will RWA Tokens Extend Gains in Q2 2024? Will Goldfinch Crypto Benefit?

Crypto markets are dynamic, and RWA, like NFTs and DeFi, is gaining traction, reshaping the industry once more. 

In essence, RWA merges the blockchain’s benefits with real-world assets’ practicality. This process unlocks numerous financial opportunities, including fractional ownership of valuable assets and more.

Additionally, these “tokenized” assets can be traded every day of the week as long as the blockchain is operational. Experts predict that RWA will command a $10 trillion market by 2030.

But this has already been blown out of the water by BlackRock tokenizing $10Tn in assets on Ethereum in March – and so far, Wall Street heavyweights are now joining the bandwagon with the rise of private RWA blockchains like JP Morgan’s Onyx.


After BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said tokenization is the future of financial assets, the asset manager has since released a tokenized fund, seeding it with $100 million initially.

Goldfinch’s current rally underscores the burgeoning interest in RWA tokens. With the huge valuation projected, it is likely that GFI, ONDO, and other affiliated projects like 5th Scape will rally sharply in 2024.

Discover Presale Opportunities: Could 5SCAPE Offer Bigger Returns Before Summer? 

But while Goldfinch crypto seems set for retracement on the short-time frame, an emerging augmented reality play could offer major returns before the summer due to early bird advantage.

The 5th Scape platform offers an immersive VR gaming experience relying on emerging technologies, mainly the blockchain to empower a new epoch in VR/AR.

With an ongoing viral presale for the new 5SCAPE token, 5th Scape is actively pushing the VR envelope, aiming to be a one-stop shop for VR enthusiasts with plans to create a supercharged VR gaming ecosystem that could capture significant market share. 


Herein, their primary focus is to deliver high-quality and immersive games across various genres, including cricket and football.

While users can use third-party devices, for example, those from Meta or Apple, the platform plans to launch its own VR headset using advanced tracking technology to deliver unparalleled realism – with the prospect of a hardware-linked spatial computing crypto coin driving investors into a frenzy.

Beyond this, 5th Scape is building a VR ecosystem, including a developer center to empower creators – positioning 5SCAPE as a potential once-in-a-generation opportunity to position at the cutting edge of the spatial computing narrative.

Retail investors know that presale opportunities can outperform old coins like GFI crypto, in testatement to this, the ongoing 5th Scape presale has so far raised over $3.5 million – so, don’t miss out on the opportunity for as much as 100x gains.

Buy 5SCAPE Here

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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