Global Village is the world’s first Bitcoin social network protected with military grade encryption

Bitcoiners now have a safe place – like military grade encrypted safe – to share information and do some social networking without having anyone spying over their shoulder. Global Village, created by the people at, is still running in beta, but the developers assure that the military grade encryption that will protect the users’ data is already working.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the platform, you can create your account in a few seconds, using the service to generate groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network. According to a press release, only Global Village members who have an encryption key will be able to read users’ shared messages and the system will be built without a master key.

“Our security specialists are world class encryption experts. They mix and match encryption formulas, such as AES256, RSA, ECDH521, until we can guarantee that not even the dark lords of cyber spying will be able to see so much as a single picture of your cat”, says Konen Saarin, who manages the Icelandic company.

In a near future, Global Village users will be able to re-share their encrypted messages via Twitter and Facebook: “our digital kevlar covers apps, iOS and Android, as well as our site”, Saarin adds.

Privacy is clearly a serious matter for NoBs. So besides shielding Global Village members, they also host a privacy cookbook and the platform will not backup customers’ entries. “If you want to remove something from your account, just hit delete and forget about it, because it’s gone forever. Your entries are yours, after all”, assures the company’s executive. For NoBs, the price of Internet privacy is eternal vigilance and, as stated by Saarin, “you will see improvements and additions as often as possible and the development will never stop”.

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