Earn Bitcoins with Bitcoin Advertising Networks

If you’ve got a website that gets traffic, and want to earn some bitcoins, then partnering up with a Bitcoin advertising network is right up your alley. These companies automatically serve advertisements on your website on behalf of advertisers. When a visitor clicks an ad, or you get a bunch of traffic that views the ads, you get paid. In bitcoins.

We’ve collected the most reputable Bitcoin advertising networks and listed them below. If you’ve got any other advertising networks up your sleeve, give me a shout and we’ll get them listed too, lickety split.

Anonymous Ads“Ads that respect your privacy – Earn bitcoins or advertise your business”
Description Anonymous Ads is a Bitcoin advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data.
Publisher Terms Publishers are not paid per click or impression. Instead, advertisers pay some amount to publishers and get a proportional share of impressions from them. Anonymous Ads takes 20% of the advertisers budget as a fee. Advertisers can also optionally reward publishers for referred sales.
Ad TypesBanner ads (text/image)
Automatic Payouts
Payout Scheduledaily
Minimum Earnings for Payout0.0001 BTC
Withdrawal FeeNone
Supports Javascript/Flash Ads
Adbit“Welcome to a new kind of advertising!”
Description Adbit features anonymous auction based pricing for advertisers (like Google Adsense), and supports Bitcoin payments for both advertisers and publishers.
Publisher Terms AdBit works using a pay-per-day system (CPD). Apparently, Adbit takes a 15% fee on all advertiser’s bids, and the publisher receives the remaining percentage.
Ad TypesBanner ads (image only)
Automatic Payouts
Payout Scheduledaily
Minimum Earnings for Payout0.001 BTC
Withdrawal Fee0.0001 BTC
Supports Javascript/Flash Ads
CoinUrl“Anonymous keyword-based contextual advertising for Bitcoins”
Description CoinUrl offers auction based pricing for advertisers (like Google Adsense), and supports Bitcoin payments.
Publisher Terms Link publishers get rewarded for each unique click made on the shortened link. Prices vary based on current market prices and the number of times your links or banners were clicked. Advertisers’ payments are proportionally distributed between link publishers and website owners based on the number of clicks counted.
Ad TypesBanner ads (text/image), interstial full page ads
Automatic Payouts
Payout Scheduleweekly (CoinUrl.com processes payouts manually)
Minimum Earnings for Payout.01 BTC
Withdrawal Fee12% — this fee is not collected on withdrawals below 0.15 BTC per month.
Supports Javascript/Flash Ads