Full-service travel agency btcVacations allows you to pay for your trip exclusively with Bitcoins

Are you a Bitcoiner with a desire to travel, but no patience to organize your trip? Here’s the solution: btcVacations, the world’s first full-service online travel agency that (only) accepts cryptocurrency.

Managed by an experienced team composed of certified travel agents, the digital platform has almost 100 global travel partners so far. And according to a press release “there are no additional fees or charges to book through btcVacations“, so customers pay the exact same price in Bitcoin as if they had booked their vacations or special trip directly with fiat currency.

The note adds that btcVacations is currently “an exclusive source to many resorts, hotels and all-inclusive resorts around the world”, as well as the only service that can be used to book luxury cruises with Bitcoin worldwide, also offering travel insurance and shore excursions.

“btcVacations assists clients in planning entire vacations from beginning to end – paid in Bitcoin. They offer focused assistance for specific events such as honeymoons, destination weddings, family reunions and group vacations. Everything consumers expect from a full service travel agency”, the press release explains.

2However, the company can also help you spend your Bitcoins a little closer to home by allowing you to buy tickets for day events, concerts and theme parks, as well as rail passes, thanks to their many partnerships.

If you’re thinking about going on vacation, check out their daily deals and specials.

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