New colorful Bitcoin miners with amazing speed of 330 MH/s


They’re small, stylish and come in four different colors. We’re not talking about shoes or anything like that, but rather about super cool USB miners. Friedcast has recently announced the production of these devices in large quantity.

The manufacturer claims that he  has solved the previous power issues that we’re affecting the miners. Plus, the devices are more stable and faster, since they have been upgraded from 300 to 330 MH/s. Amazing!


Estimates say that 10,000 units are going to be produced, what should mean a significant revenue for ASICMiner. The units will be sold in batches of 300 and each one will cost 1.99 BTC.

These miners are equipped with the same ASIC chips that were used on board in ASICMiner’s $1,000,000 auction. Despite ASICMiner shares’ value is going down, people keep praising the company’s work, a feeling that’s not about to disappear so soon.


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