Free video course: How to trade Bitcoins online

When I started out with Bitcoin (April 2013) I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to learn about. Also there weren’t many good resources that explained the basics of Bitcoin trading. I created the video above for a few reasons:

1. To help people understand the basic terminology for Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading.

2. To explain the difference between executable and non executable exchanges. I believe this is still a mystery to a lot of people who are trading Bitcoins today.

Below are links to executable and non executable exchanges. Remember, if you’re in for long term investing then you’re better off using the executable exchanges. If however you want to capitalize on Bitcoin’s volatility then you’ll have an easier time depositing and opening positions with the non executable exchanges. Confused ? It’s all explained in the video…

Non-executable exchanges:




Executable exchanges:


BTC China


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