Forum is back up after attack

After a major hack that brought down last week, the forum has reopened a few hours ago. Apparently, the platform is working as usual, but some users are still concerned about the safety of the website’s database.

According to some users of the Bitcoin sub-Reddit, the forum’s administrator, known as ‘theymos’, announced the exploit had been found and the hole patched, but some Bitcoiners are worried about security flaws that apparently affected the website for the past two years.

In the meantime, ‘theymos’ has hinted that the hack could have had its origin in the forum Something Awful. An online conversation shows that BitcoinTalk’s administrator believes the attack was perpetrated by “only one” hacker. “The backdoor was quite obscure and I couldn’t find any other exploit (…). He’s an SA [Something Awful] goon”, ‘theymos’ added.

‘Theymos’ might be right. A conversation in one of Something Awful’s forums related to this issue came up recently with a user asking other “do they know the attack came from here?”. was hacked last Wednesday (2) by someone who identified himself as “The Hole Seekers”. At the time, ‘theymos’ said it could be a while until the forum was back up.

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