Fly with Bitcoin: BtcTrip allows you to buy plane tickets with cryptocurrency

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

Coffee, clothes, electronics and even art… These are just some examples of things you could buy with Bitcoin so far, but airplane tickets weren’t one of them. Until now! BtcTrip is the name of the website that already allows cryptocurrency owners to pay for the perfect vacation with digital coins.

The slogan of the webpage, which is currently working in beta, says it all: “Flying with Bitcoins” to some of the greatest destinies in the world is the new best way to spend your virtual currency.

The platform allows you to input your origin and selected destiny, plus the dates of your trip, and then it selects the best prices to show you in BTC. 99Bitcoins did a little experiment and looked for the price of a flight between London and New York. The price was a little over 12 BTC, which equals to $1,174.

So far, BtcTrip is the only website that allows users to buy relatively cheap plane tickets using virtual currency. According to the team, they will add new features really soon like paying for hotels and rent cars with Bitcoin.

“Thanks to low or even non-existent transaction fees and no ‘3rd parties’, BtcTrip has lower operational expenses. Being Bitcoin traders ourselves is helpful too. (…) We turn lower operational expenses into the lowest plane tickets“, says the company’s team at the AngelList website. And if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, they can “fix that”.

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