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The world’s leading forex news and resources portal,, is now listing the top Bitcoin exchanges. The website’s goal is to ensure traders with an effective and reliable Bitcoin trading plan.

According to a spokesperson from, “like the stock market, buying Bitcoin is not difficult. At ForexMinute, we provide you with the top exchanges (which trade in multiple currencies), by which you can trade Bitcoins easily”. The website aims at suggesting the most appropriate Bitcoin exchanges to novices and intermediates that don’t know this market that well. Or even the global financial markets at all.

As the web page believes in expansion, they saw a great possibility in the cryptocurrency universe. “To ensure you a profitable Bitcoin trading experience, we provide you with minute-to-minute Bitcoin news, articles, live feeds, charts, moving averages, etc.”, the ForexMinute spokesperson adds.

The website’s primary mission is to help users understand “the market effectively” and “make worthwhile decisions trading Bitcoins and earning higher ROI [return on investment]”.

Despite already being a renowned name in the finance area, ForexMinute is now taking on a new challenge, as they believe that Bitcoin is an inevitable part of the future.


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