Exclusive: Alex Jones to Announce Tonight He Will Begin Accepting Bitcoin

Coin Fire has learned exclusively that tonight during The Alex Jones Show on Chain Radio that controversial talk host Alex Jones will announce that his website InfoWars.com and the Info Wars Store will begin officially accepting Bitcoin in the next few weeks.

The announcement is expected to come at the beginning of the 3rd hour of The Alex Jones Show (tonight at midnight Eastern) this evening after some discussion regarding bitcoin near the end of the 2nd hour of The Alex Jones Show where he discussed bitcoin with Shooter Jennings, the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings, who is releasing a new album and came on the program to speak about it with Jones.

Alex Jones states, “I was able to wrap my head around it […] this cryptocurrency – the idea is beautiful”.

Alex Jones who has been back and forth even having a guest at one point who stated that “an upcoming bitcoin collapse was coming” about bitcoin and had discussions with Max Keiser on occasion about bitcoin but has never officially stated he would begin taking bitcoin or accept bitcoin until now.

Alex Jones has been seen by many as a major figure of controversy but his endorsement of bitcoin via way of accepting it for his products will add another place for those who wish to spend bitcoin another outlet to do so.

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