Everyone can calm down: Mt. Gox has resumed US dollar withdrawals

The biggest Bitcoin exchange platform in the whole world, the well-known Mt. Gox, has finally resumed US dollar withdrawals after a suspension period that lasted two weeks.

The company, based in Japan, was being bombarded with questions on their official Twitter page since the beginning of this Thursday (4), when the suspension should have been revoked. We guess it’s safe to say that everybody was starting to get nervous with the delay.

At long last, they already published a statement on their website, letting everybody know that the US dollar withdrawals are back on the tracks. “Mt. Gox is happy to announce that global account withdrawals have now fully resumed as of today, after several days of testing our new system for processing transactions. We want to keep you informed about our progress in this arena, and especially assure our customers that their funds are accessible”, the platform announced today.

Remember that, while this “temporary hiatus on withdrawals” was going on, Mt. Gox registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a money services business. The information was announced on FinCEN’s website.

You can read Mt. Gox full statement here.

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