august, 2017

08augallday08octalldayScrypto ICO (SRT)Scrypto is a social network for the cryptocurrency community

Event Details

Scrypto is a social network for the cryptocurrency community. Just like any social network, you can use to share your thoughts on different cryptocurrency projects and ICOs.

The social network aims to provide a centralized gathering point for the crypto community. Users will be able to form groups to talk about different projects or post information and receive rewards in the form of tips.


  • Anton Andreev: Project manager.
  • Daniel Kanev: Project manager.
  • Slava Yakimov: Community manager.

Scrypto ICO began on August 8, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 90% of the total token supply, so there is a total of 8,210,700 tokens available, for $1 USD each at the offering. The ICO funding cap is 8273200 USD and is expected to end on October 8, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.

Token Reserve Split (10%):

  • 10% Reserved to the project developers team;

Scrypto ICO campaign features a discount plan for early buyers, as shown below.

Discount Structure:

  • 50% Discount for the first 50k tokens sold;
  • 25% Discount for the next 50k tokens sold;


August 8 (Tuesday) - October 8 (Sunday)

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