november, 2017

25novallday25decalldayAlloy ICO (ALLOY)Blockchain-based Global Rewards Catalog

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Globally, 48 trillion Reward Points from Brands that are worth close to $360 billion go unredeemed each year. When users sign up for memberships with different Brands, they collect these points for every action taken, be it signing up, or making a purchase among others. But, they usually end up in a situation where the points can neither be consolidated nor redeemed against a preferred reward (the reward they want) due to restrictions. These restrictions include limited avenues, limited products inside a catalogue etc. In short, users are left with limited choice and a cumbersome reward programme that they often end up discarding.

ALLOY Token & Rewards Network, our Proposed Solution is a Blockchain-based Global Rewards Catalog connecting Brands, Publishers and Consumers on one Platform. The Global Rewards Network will allow the Users of partnered Brands and Publishers to link, combine and convert all their Reward points to a local Fiat Equivalent ($/¥/€/₹ etc..), which in turn can be redeemed against listed Products and services from other partnering Brands.

For Consumers, this platform will be a mobile app that will show the fiat equivalent of their combined Reward points with an extensive Rewards catalogue to redeem from.


November 25 (Saturday) - December 25 (Monday)


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