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Ethics Policy

All Editors, contributors and freelancers working on materials for Coin Fire have agreed to the following Ethics policy.

Advertising, Payola, and “Sponsored Stories”.


We have advertisers on Coin Fire. They give our site with revenue to help cover our operating expenses. Coin Fire does NOT make a profit on this site. We run at a loss each month. We do not accept money or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, be it favorable or unfavorable, on Coin Fire.

All reviews and other editorial materials on Coin Fire are based on our editorial discretion, we don’t do things because a company wants us to do them, or an advertiser asks us to do them. We don’t let PR firms force us to publish some stories to get other stories.

“Sponsored Stories” and Advertorials

We NEVER engage in these unfair and deceptive practices. Coin Fire does not permit placements of advertorial on the Coin Fire siteWe do not accept money or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, be it favorable or unfavorable, on Coin Fire.

Some sites make money by being trashy. We don’t do this.

If we can’t make money just being fair and publishing stuff without being paid to publish it, we don’t make money. Plain and simple. Trying to claim you are a journalist while taking payments for stories is deceptive.

Advertisers never ask us to cover their products and we will never comment about their advertisements.


Coin Fire receives news and information from a variety of sources. Often we receive information from sources whom do not wish to be named and our policy is to honor those requests and keep our sources anonymous without exception… even under the guise of legal threat.

We don’t give compensation for tips.


We never invest in the companies that we cover. Our contributors are forbidden from owning, trading or buying shares in companies we cover without exception. This is a site about cryptocurrency and our editors and contributors all are owners of cryptocurrencies but have been instructed that writing features that are attempts to pump a particular cryptocurrency including bitcoin will result in immediate termination.

Personal Conflict

Contributors of Coin Fire who may have a spouse, partner or other close intimate relationship with an employee of a company which Coin Fire covers will disclose the relationship in their personal biography on the site. The contributor will also not be allowed to cover the company or the products from that company on Coin Fire.


Editorial Opinions

The editorial content you read on Coin Fire is produced by an individual. That content represents the opinion or view of that individual and is not the opinion of Coin Fire. It doesn’t matter if it comes from our Executive Editor, a staff member or just a contributor, it should not be construed as an opinion that has been approved or endorsed by Coin Fire.


Our Policy

It is our policy that EVERY single piece on Coin Fire moving forward from the date of this publication October 3rd, 2014 will follow 100% this policy. While we did not have a publicly published policy prior to this we did have one internally and now we’ve made it for public information as well. If something comes up and this doesn’t apply to something we will be sure to make it clear on the FRONT end of it. For example, a guest contributor who also happens to work for a startup.

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