eGifter on iOS Allows Bitcoin Checkout in App Again

The eGifter iOS application from allows users to purchase gift cards and use Bitcoins to do it via a partnership with Coinbase. Originally in August of last year the company launched the ability to pay with Bitcoin and that included the ability to pay with Bitcoin in iOS. The option was later removed as Apple became less friendly to Bitcoin on iOS as it said it was investigating the new digital currency.

Recently Apple has been slowly allowing Bitcoin related applications back in to the App Store after what many believe were pressures from external forces including Square, PayPal and others.

It now appears that several applications have been updating to re-include Bitcoin options as a sort of test of the waters as Apple has begun allowing some applications to come back.

eGifter has turned back on Bitcoin acceptance in the iOS application after removing it several months ago.

Could this be a sign of further acceptance from Apple and the slow return of even more Bitcoin applications?

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