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“Dragon’s Tale”: play the game with your Bitcoins

There are a lot of serious things to do with your Bitcoins, from investments to donations. And then there’s the fun part: using them to play! At last, now there’s a game that is different from all others and works with cryptocurrency: “Dragon’s Tale”.

The title was created by eGenesis, which is launching the beta version of the game on 12 July. According to the company, this title “is the first massively multiplayer role-playing casino [MMORPG]. You’ll find novel games hidden in every plant, every statue, in the water and in the sky. It’s the Disneyland of gambling, and it’s powered entirely by Bitcoins!”.

The action, set in a 3D world, consists of several mini-games that users can play and bet on. So far, there are 60 different games, but “new games are being added to Dragon’s Tale all the time. These are not your father’s casino games – you won’t find a craps table, or a roulette wheel, or a blackjack dealer anywhere. Instead, you’ll find an environment filled with original games unlike any other”, promises eGenesis.

Although “Dragon’s Tales” is being launched now, the pre-beta form of the game has been around for several years, at least since 2010, when the creator Andrew Tepper announced the title on a Bitcoin-related forum.

Besides working like a big and unusual casino, which also accepts credit cards besides cryptocurrency, the MMORPG aspect of the game involves player interaction and boosting skill levels to evolve.

However, on eGenesis site, the company is warning that the game may experience a server crash during these first tests. “If you lose Bitcoins due to a server crash, we’ll do everything we can to verify any lost jackpots, and reimburse you for them”, assures eGenesis.

To know more about “Dragon’s Tales” and how to play this amazing game, check out this video.


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