Don’t know what that means? Check it in the Bitcoin Glossary

Last updated on August 16th, 2016 at 02:47 pm

Are you new in the Bitcoin world and some words or expressions are still confusing? Well, join the club… It’s not easy to understand Bitcoin when you’re a newbie in this universe, so a Github contributor created a Bitcoin dictionary to help anyone with a cryptocurrency-related doubt.

The Bitcoin Glossary v0.2, published by ‘oleganza’, was made public seven days ago and already got an update. The idea will probably help several newcomers that want to fully understand the ecosystem universe.

The glossary’s author left a message for the viewers after publishing his work:

Some unusual terms are frequently used in Bitcoin documentation and discussions like tx or coinbase. Or words like scriptPubKey were badly chosen and now deserve some extra explanation. This glossary will help you understand the exact meaning of all Bitcoin-related terms.

Warning: this glossary is not yet fully reviewed and may contain some mistakes. Please report all issues to [email protected] or clone this repo and submit pull requests. Thanks!

In this glossary you will find essential terms like the meaning of “address” or “block”, but also more complex expressions like “base58check” or “varInt”, as well as a short explanation for a 51% attack or ASIC.

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