Dogecoin’s Dogecar at the Talladega Superspeedway

Well, Josh Wise’s performance in the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup Series Race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama was today, and Mr. Wise gave his best performance of the year.  While he finished in 20th place, he had worked his way up to 4th at one point, and avoided multiple potential crashes with impressive skill.  As we have covered the way in which he connected with Dogecoin, and the lead up to this race, in the past, we will instead provide a list of mentions, close calls, and other events during the race that highlighted the Dogecar.

Interview With Dogecoin’s Dogecar Driver, Josh Wise, a Couple of Days Before the Race.

Video by Kevin Dela Rosa of the Dogecoin Dogecar Entering Pit Road Before the Race

Dogecoin’s Driver Pits Alone, and Draws the Attention of the Announcers


4 Minutes of Racing Near the End.  Josh Wise and His Dogecar Creep Up to 4th, but isn’t Able to Hold Onto it.

Regardless, Great Work by Mr. Wise and a Win for the Dogecoin Community.

Josh Wise Narrowly Misses a Big Crash.  The Dogecoin Dogecar Will Live To See Another Day!


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mentioning his Encounter With the Dogecar Near the End of the Race.


Good work Mr. Wise.  We look forward to seeing you, and the Dogecoin Dogecar, in future races.  Good luck!


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