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Designer of the Lamassu’s ATM: “this project will revolutionize the process of acquiring Bitcoins”

Bitcoin Examiner talked with Cláudio Castro, the Portuguese designer of the Bitcoin ATM device that is being created by the start-up Lamassu, about his new project.

The founder of the company Cláudio Castro Design lives in a country that almost doesn’t know what Bitcoin is, but ended up being the chosen one thanks to his talent and experience. After learning about cryptocurrency in 2011 and investing in Bitcoin, he now hopes that Portugal sees the potential of the famous digital currency soon.

What is your specific role within the Lamassu’s project?

Cláudio Castro – Essentially, my role is to develop the physical structure of the ATM. I’m responsible for the entire design process, as well as the manufacture of the product. I’m also responsible for the entire design management that is usually required in a project of this nature, coordinating all the stages from the research and analysis to the creative process and its implementation. The whole design is guided according to the guidelines given by Lamassu, especially the electronic and information areas.

Do you see this project as something that can produce results in the long term, helping to spread Bitcoin?

This project will certainly simplify and revolutionize the process of acquiring Bitcoins and also ensure more safety during the process. In fact, according to the feedback we get every day from the Harvey brothers [founders of Lamassu], this pioneering project has awakened the interest of a lot of people who believe in its innovation. We have a process that allows the acquisition of Bitcoin in a few seconds, which makes it quite different from other processes.

For how long have you known the world of virtual currency?

Although this kind of currency is almost unknown in Portugal, there is already a lot of information available. I know about virtual currency probably since 2011, when I started following the development of this new concept.

Like you said, Portugal is not a country with a general knowledge about cryptocurrency. However, you were chosen to design the Bitcoin machine. How did that happen?

This choice, made by Lamassu, has nothing to do with Bitcoin. I believe I was the one selected from dozens or maybe even hundreds of designers due to my ability, thorough knowledge about industry-oriented project development and the creativity that I always try to instill in all my projects.

Do you think Portugal could become a country that learns how to love Bitcoin?

Portugal’s ignorance towards this kind of currency leave us one step behind. However, I believe that things will change in the next year. The flexibility of this type of currency and the safety guarantees that are transmitted will show that Bitcoin can be highly reliable. So I believe that Portuguese people will, eventually, start to use Bitcoin. Over the years, Portugal has always been a distrustful  country towards new things, but sooner or later we always yield to new trends.

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