Defense fund is collecting Bitcoin donations to help Silk Road’s administrator

A member of the platform Silk Road called Mike Gogulski has set up a defense fund to help Ross William Ulbricht, the administrator of the illegal marketplace known as Dread Pirate Roberts, who was arrested on Wednesday (2) by the FBI.

“Regardless of the charges, everyone should have a zealous and highly competent legal defense, especially when they face the prison time contemplated in this case”, Gogulski writes on the official website of the fund.

After the arrest, Ulbricht was charged with a range of criminal violations, including conspiracy to commit drug trafficking and money laundering. There are also charges regarding conspiracy to murder. According to an article published on Krebs on Security, this means that Silk Road’s mastermind faces life in prison, just on the drug charges.

“The drug trafficking counts include the weights of the drugs, which makes me think that the government wants to throw the book at this guy. The drug charges alone have a 30 year mandatory minimum”, said Nicholas Weaver, a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute, quoted by Krebs on Security.

In the meantime, since the creation of the fund, Mike Gogulski has already published a couple of articles. One of them says that “the parents of Ross Ulbricht (…) say that there is no chance he ever ordered a murder-for-hire and that they have legally-admissible evidence to prove it”.

Ulbricht will attend a bail hearing next week. Some sources around the web point the date of October 9th.

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