Deals in Bulgaria and fresh fish in California: all in exchange for Bitcoin

Whether you’re in Bulgaria or in California, Bitcoin is now ready to be used in two new different companies. With new additions every day, CoinMap is growing steadily and already has over 600 Bitcoin-friendly businesses spread across the world.


Going back to our two newcomers, firstly there’s the well-known, the platform that offers the best deals in Bulgaria and covers almost half the market share. According to an announcement posted on Reddit, Grabo serves one million clients, registered on the platform, in a country with “only” four million internet users.

Besides, when someone pays with Bitcoin, Grabo will award the client with a Bitcoin badge to raise awareness about cryptocurrency through gamification techniques.


Bristol Bay Salmon Company

But the good news doesn’t come exclusively from Bulgaria. Take a look at this San Diego-based company, called Bristol Bay Salmon Company: the business is now accepting Bitcoins for its high quality Alaskan sockeye salmon.

The small firm, founded in 2010, operates mainly at the Vista and Hillcrest farmer’s markets, in San Diego.

“Bitcoins have doubled in value in the last month. I’m start accepting them at the Hillcrest and Vista farmers market using the app Coinbase”, it’s possible to read on the company’s Facebook page. So, are you in the mood for some salmon?

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