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What is DarkCoin | How to Buy DarkCoin

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Recently a new Altcoin has emerged called Darkcoin. The idea behind dark coin is this -It’s like Bitcoin only totally anonymous. But wait, isn’t Bitocin anonymous as well ?

Well…not really. Bitcoin is what you’d call pseudonymous, meaning your public address isn’t linked to your personal information, but once you trade at an exchange or a bank the link can be made easily. And since the Blockchain is public for everyone to see this becomes a problem to some people.

So what is Darkcoin ?

Darkcoin is like a digital version of cash – you choose whether your transactions are private or public. Just like Bitcoins, Darkcoins are stored inside a digital wallet. But Darkcoin wallets allow you to stay private even when trading at exchanges or other 3rd parties.

“Darksend”, which is the payment system Darkcoin uses allows anyone to make transaction anonymously. This is achieved through mixing different transactions together so no one will be able to track who sent the original coins.

On the technical side there are only 22 million Darkcoins that can be mined (just like Bitcoin) and generating a block takes 2.5 minues (25% than what it take to generate a Bitcoin block).

Where can you buy Darkcoins ?

Darkcoins can be find on different exchanges that deal with Altcoins. The biggest Altcoin exchanges today are Cryptsy and MintPal. Inside Cryptsy you’ll be able to find a DRK/BTC exchange which will let you exchange Bitcoins for Darkcoins. MintPal also supplies a similar exchange. If you haven’t purchased any Bitcoins yet you can do so using our buying guides. There is no direct USD to DRK exchange at the moment.

buying Darkcoin with Bitcoins

In order to store you Darkcoins you will need Darkcoin wallet which you can download here. Darkcoin was created on March 2014 and since then has managed to gain considerable traction amount the crypto-currency community.

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12 comments on “What is DarkCoin | How to Buy DarkCoin”

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  1. Hi, i credited coins into my darkcoin wallet. I was told by darkcoin support team my account is new and not verified and to deposit 10% of what was credited into my account for verification purposes. Can i trust this process?

    1. Hello. To be honest, this sounds kind of shady. A legitimate trading/wallet system should NEVER ask you or tell you to deposit a specific amount. This seems like a red flag and it might be in your best interest to contact law enforcement about it to see if they can assist in you getting the money back that you’ve already given.

  2. Michael VanBibber

    Are DARKcoin and DASH the same? Every time I try to get a wallet to store my DARKcoin in, I always get sent to a DASH wallet.

      1. Michael VanBibber

        So I can send the DARK coins I have in an exchange to DASH wallet? The Exchange is delisting the coin so I must move them.

        1. Hi Michael,

          Would that be a Japanese exchange? I know they’ve been ordered by the Japanese financial regulator to remove privacy coins.

          Does your exchange still list it as “Darkcoin?” That would be strange, as it was renamed to Dash in 2014 sometime.

          What I would suggest, as I’m unclear of your exact situation, is to try withdrawing a small test amount first. If the exchange still has it listed as Darkcoin, then it’s quite likely that their software is behind too. The exchange wallet may have fallen out of compatiblity with the Dash network.

          If the test amount works when sending to a recent Dash wallet, then it should be safe to withdraw the rest.

          1. Michael VanBibber

            The exchange is Cryptopia. They have a huge list of coins they are delisting. DARK is one of them. They were still trading 3 months ago. As you can see my concern is, are my DARK coins the same ones that are associated with DASh. I have until July to get it figured out. I am stuck with 350, that I paid .00009952 BTC each. I got caught up in a pump and dump and was not aware that what was going on. Price was shooting up insanely fast, about 1 minute after I purchased price dropped out. That on me for not investigating the coin. Now as stated, Cryptopia delisting and EVERY time I try to find a wallet I get directed to a DASH site. I appreciate all the help you have given me so far.
            Respectfully Michael R VanBibber

          2. Hi Michael,

            Yes, I see. I suggest downloading a Dash wallet then withdrawing a small amount of “Dark” if the exchange allows you to control the amount you withdraw. If the test transaction works, then you know it’s safe to proceed with withdrawing the full amount.

          3. Michael VanBibber

            I will give it a try. My new Alien ware will not allow me to download QT wallets for some reason, so I will try a paper DASH. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all the assistance. Respectfully, Michael R VanBibber

  3. British users can buy Darkcoin directly via instant bank transfer from which eliminates the need for buy BTC in order to convert to DRK on an exchange.

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