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How to Buy Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) – A Simple Guide

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Presale investors looking for the next 100x meme coin may be interested in this How to Buy Base Dawgz guide! Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is a brand-new project launching on the Base network, which is now the second-largest layer 2 protocol for Ethereum.

Base Dawgz is also leveraging Wormhole technology to offer cross-chain solutions – including support for Solana, Ethereum, and BNB. Read on to learn more about Base Dawgz and how to buy Base Dawgs ($DAWGZ) tokens via the presale dashboard.

What to Know About Base Dawgz and its Native $DAWGZ Tokens

If you’re strapped for time – here’s some key points about Base Dawgz:

  • Meme Coin With 100x Potential: Put simply, Base Dawgz is a new meme coin with 100x potential. It’s capitalizing on the Base network trend, which has produced solid returns in recent months. Buying $DAWGZ tokens during the presale will get you direct exposure to the network’s continued growth. Crucially, the Base ecosystem is currently valued at just over $4 billion – so the upside potential could be huge.
  • Cross-Chain Wormhole: The Base Dawgz team is passionate about promoting blockchain innovation in the meme coin era. This is why it has developed a unique Wormhole protocol that supports cross-chain movements. In a nutshell, $DAWGZ holders can seamlessly bridge between six different networks; Base, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. Not only does this expand its use cases but Base Dawgz will have exposure to billions of dollars worth of daily trading volume.
  • Aggressive Marketing Campaign: Base Dawgz understands the importance of aggressive marketing in an overcrowded meme coin space. This is why it’s offering tokenized rewards to those promoting the project on social media. Whether it’s X, TikTok, or Instagram; Base Dawgz ‘shillers’ will earn points for each post shared. The more engagement the post gets the more points earned – which can be swapped for $DAWGZ tokens.
  • Presale Contract Audit: The Base Dawgz smart contract has been audited by SolidProof – it passed all vulnerability checks with flying colors. Experienced presale investors will know the important role that audits play – considering the sheer number of crypto rug pulls that occur. This adds a strong layer of credibility to $DAWGZ tokens – ensuring that prices are purely determined by market forces.

As with any presale investment, independent research is imperative. While analysts are bullish on the potential of Base Dawgz, there’s no guarantee that presale buyers will make a profit. Make sure your portfolio is diversified and avoid investing capital you can’t afford to lose.

How to Buy Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ): Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Investing in Base Dawgz is the same as any other crypto presale. You’ll connect a wallet, choose which coin to invest, and specify the number of $DAWGZ to buy. The presale tokens can be claimed once the campaign ends.

That said, presale investments can be intimidating for first-timers – so we’ll now explain the step-by-step process for those who need extra guidance.

Step 1: Get a Secure Crypto Wallet 

If you already have a crypto wallet, skip to the next step. Otherwise, you’ll need to download and install one. Make sure the chosen wallet is non-custodial – this ensures only you have access.

What’s more, the wallet must support at least one of the networks that’s compatible with $DAWGZ. This should be Base, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, or Avalanche.

Download Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet supports all of these networks, so it’s our top pick. It’s a free wallet app that’s available on iOS and Android devices. And, Trust Wallet offers a fiat on-ramp. This means you can buy coins for the presale directly.

Visit the Trust Wallet website, click the ‘Download’ button, and open the app once installed. Complete the security setup steps, such as creating a PIN and making a note of the 12-word passphrase.

Step 2: Buy or Transfer Coins to the Wallet  

This step will vary depending on whether or not you already have crypto coins. If you do, and they’re already stored in your preferred wallet, move to the next step of this walkthrough.

Otherwise, you can use Trust Wallet to buy some. Although fees average 3-5% – this is the most convenient option. Head to the ’Buy’ tab and choose which coin to buy. You can choose from SOL, USDT, ETH, BNB, or AVAX.

Buy Crypto on Trust Wallet

Not sure which coin to buy? BNB is a good option. It operates on the BNB Chain, which offers some of the lowest network fees. What’s more, transactions are often confirmed in seconds.

After choosing a coin and typing in the purchase size, you’ll be instructed to complete an ID verification process. This often takes less than a minute to complete – just upload a government-issued ID and provide some personal details.

Then type in your payment details (Visa and MasterCard are the fastest options). Confirm the payment and wait for the coins to be added to Trust Wallet.

Step 3: Connect the Crypto Wallet to Base Dawgz 

The remaining steps are relatively simple. Go to the Base Dawgz presale website by clicking here. This ensures you’re using the official platform.

You need to select the coin and network that you want to use for the crypto presale investment. For example, if you want to invest SOL, click on the Solana logo. Or, if you want to invest BNB, click on the BNB Chain logo.

Connect wallet to Base Dawgz presale website

Then click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. You’ll see a list of wallet options as in the image above. If you’re using Trust Wallet – click that as the selected wallet.

If you’re using the same device that your wallet is installed on, a notification will appeal. Click it and confirm you want to connect the wallet to the Base Dawgz website. If you’re using a separate device, you’ll need to open the wallet manually to approve the connection.

Step 4: Fill Out the Base Dawgz Presale Form  

You’ve provided authorization for the wallet connection, so the next step is to fill out the presale form. This simply requires the total amount of $DAWGZ tokens you want to buy. However, the investment size should be stated in the coin you’re investing.

Invest in Base Dawgz presale

For example, we’re investing BNB. We’ve typed in 4 BNB and the equivalent number of $DAWGZ tokens updates. As such, we’ll receive 589,663 $DAWGZ.

Step 5: Buy $DAWGZ Tokens 

The final step requires approval for the presale investment. This must come from within the wallet you’ve connected to the presale dashboard. So, open the wallet, review the smart contract details, and approve the transaction if everything looks correct. The presale investment will then be confirmed.

And that’s it – you’ve just bought $DAWGZ at presale prices. After the presale, Base Dawgz will open the claim function. This means you’ll need to reconnect your wallet and manually claim the tokens. $DAWGZ will then be transferred to your wallet on the same network that was used to invest.

What is Base Dawgz?

Base Dawgz is a presale project with a native meme coin – $DAWGZ. It has chosen the Base network as its primary ecosystem. Many believe that Base – which is backed by the Coinbase exchange, could become one of the biggest networks for meme coin trading. Not only because of its association with Coinbase but transactions are cheap, fast, and highly scalable.

As such, the Base Dawgz presale is a great way to invest in the broader Base narrative. The Base Dawgz team claims that $DAWGZ tokens are ideal for those who “crave adventure and innovation”. And they might not be wrong. After all, Base Dawgz isn’t pigeonholing itself just to the Base network.

What is Base Dawgz

On the contrary, it will also launch on other leading blockchains. In addition to Ethereum and Solana, this includes Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain. This means that post-presale, $DAWGZ will trade on six different networks. This is not too dissimilar to blue-chip stocks like Apple – which are listed on multiple US and international exchanges.

This not only increases liquidity but it provides exposure to multiple demographics simultaneously. As such, Base Dawgz is covering all potential market trends. Base Dawgz – which is inspired by the Shiba Inu breed, has a total supply of 8.453 billion tokens. 20% will be sold during the presale.

Is Base Dawgz a Good Buy?

Still not sure whether $DAWGZ is right for your meme coin portfolio? Here’s why some analysts consider Base Dawgz as one of the best crypto presales to invest in:

  • First-Mover Advantage: Like many well-run presales, Base Dawgz is incentivizing early participation. You’ll secure a first-mover advantage by investing before the broader markets. In fact, the presale price is increased by 5% every five days. Therefore, if you are considering investing in the presale, it makes sense to do so in the current round.
  • Base Meme Coins are Exploding: The Base network continues to reach new heights – including increased volumes, rising total value locked (TVL), and wider exposure on leading social networks. Coinbase – which is investing substantial resources into Base’s growth, will soon release its Smart Wallet. This will allow Coinbase users to instantly invest in Base meme coins without bridging tools or decentralized exchanges. This means that everyday investors will be able to buy $DAWGZ with ease.
  • Interoperability, Staking Rewards, and Share-to-Earn: The Base Dawgz team has created additional features to ensure $DAWGZ appeals to the masses. This includes ‘Interoperability’, which means $DAWGZ holders can switch between any of the six supported networks. Base Dawgz will also offer passive rewards via staking. This will particularly appeal to mid-to-long-term holders. There is also a share-to-earn program that rewards people for sharing Base Dawgz content on social media.

Base Dawgz Price Potential – What to Consider

There’s a lot to consider when searching for the next 1,000x crypto project. Good starting points include the tokenomics and detailed $DAWGZ price predictions. As mentioned, the total $DAWGZ supply is 8.453 billion tokens. 20%, or about 1.69 billion tokens, will be sold to presale investors.

We aren’t able to analyze the market capitalization – as Base Dawgz hasn’t set a presale limit. It has, however, stated that the minimum presale target is $8 million. As such, the fully diluted market capitalization won’t be any lower than $40 million.

Assuming the project is listed on exchanges with a maximum valuation of $100 million – this still offers a solid upside. After all, an increasing number of meme coins have recently entered the Billion Dollar Club.

Base Dawgz tokenomics

Whether or not Base Dawgz can replicate meme coins like dogwifhat and Bonk will depend on many factors. For instance, the success of the presale, the state of the markets upon launching, and which exchanges it secures listings from.

That said, Base meme coins are already enjoying solid upward momentum. This is further fueled by On-Chain Summer – a three-month event held by Coinbase to grow the Base ecosystem. There’s also the upcoming launch of the Smart Wallet – which will make Base meme coin investing seamless – even for first-timers.


While presale investments are high-risk – there’s a lot to like about Base Dawgz. Not only is it capitalizing on Base’s huge network potential, but it also offers exposure to five other blockchains.

We also like Base Dawgz’s share-to-earn program. This will encourage holders to promote the project on social media – considering the tokenized rewards available. Those investing in the presale today will get stage 1 prices – which is the lowest entry point available.

Visit Base Dawgz Presale


What is Base Dawgz?

Base Dawgz is a dog-themed meme coin that will operate in six crypto ecosystems. This includes its home – Base, alongside Avalanche, BNB Chain, Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon

How many $DAWGZ tokens are there?

$DAWGZ has a total supply of 8.453 billion tokens. The supply is capped. 20% of the supply has been allocated to the Base Dawgz presale.

How to buy Base Dawgz tokens?

You can buy Base Dawgz tokens on the presale website. Connect a wallet and choose which coin to invest (ETH, USDT, SOL, AVAX, or BNB). Decide how many $DAWGZ tokens to buy and confirm the presale order.


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