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10 Best Crypto Airdrops in 2024

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Are you looking for some free crypto tokens but unsure where to start? Consider crypto airdrops.

These are campaigns run by up-and-coming crypto projects. You’ll earn tokens when completing tasks such as liking social media posts and joining Telegram groups.

Read on to discover the best airdrops available in 2024. I’ll explain how each airdrop works, what tasks must be undertaken, and how to maximize your earnings.

The Top Crypto Airdrops to Invest in

Here’s a list of the 10 best crypto airdrops to claim right now:

  1. Mega Dice – Earn a share of $750,000 when actively wagering funds on a regulated casino
  2. 99Bitcoins – The best airdrop for earning free Bitcoin when completing basic tasks
  3. BlastUP – Accumulate BP points and gain exposure to an up-and-coming Ethereum L2 ecosystem
  4. DeBank – New DeFi portfolio tracker with funding from Coinbase and a potential airdrop campaign
  5. Rage Trade – Innovative multi-chain perpetual futures aggregator with a trading-based airdrop
  6. SuperChamps – Complete daily and seasonal quests to access metaverse-based sports games
  7. Solayer – Decentralized restaking platform in the Solana ecosystem with a DeFi-based airdrop
  8. Rho Markets – Provide liquidity for crypto lending services to earn Scroll tokens and competitive yields
  9. Rainbow – Self-custody wallet packed with features offering ETH rewards for participation
  10. Chirp – IoT and DePIN project offering tokenized rewards and an airdrop campaign with 100,000 $CHIRP

Our Analysis of the Best Crypto Airdrops

Let’s examine the above crypto airdrops in more detail. We discuss everything you need to know before starting, including the required tasks, available tokens, and the potential upside.

1. Mega Dice – Earn a Share of $750,000 When Actively Wagering Funds on a Regulated Casino

  • Win a share of $750,000 paid in $DICE
  • Wager $5,000 within 21 days to qualify
  • Backed by a regulated and profitable gambling site

The first airdrop to consider is Mega Dice, a regulated online casino and sportsbook. Mega Dice offers thousands of casino games, including blackjack, slots, and roulette. It has over 50,000 registered players and is considered one of the best crypto gambling sites. Mega Dice has created a native token for the Mega Dice ecosystem – $DICE.

Although $DICE is currently being sold to presale investors (over $1.6 million raised so far), you can also earn tokens via the airdrop campaign. $750,000 worth of $DICE has been allocated. To qualify, you’ll need to wager at least $5,000 on the Mega Dice platform. This wagering targeting must be achieved within 21 days.

Players can wager any supported coin, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP. However, an exclusive draw will be available to those betting $DICE. The airdrop date hasn’t been confirmed, although it will likely happen after the presale ends. If you’re interested in the presale, $DICE can be purchased at a discounted price of $0.09093.

Visit Mega Dice

2. 99Bitcoins – The Best Airdrop for Earning Free Bitcoin When Completing Basic Tasks

  • $99,999 worth of Bitcoin will be airdropped
  • BTC will be split between 99 winners
  • Enter the airdrop for free by completing tasks

The next crypto airdrop to consider is 99Bitcoins, an established blockchain education website that launched in 2013. 99Bitcoins not only has a great reputation but has also accumulated over 3 million community members. The next stage of 99Bitcoin’s journey is its learn-to-earn concept. It has developed a comprehensive course with 79 hours of on-demand content.

Course modules take students from newbies to experts. Topics include DeFi, smart contracts, and day trading. The learn-to-earn framework means that students earn $99BTC tokens when progressing, which is the asset backing 99Bitcoins. The course is free, so no upfront capital is needed.

99bitcoins airdrop

In addition, 99Bitcoins is running a huge crypto airdrop worth $99,999. Crucially, the airdrop will be paid in Bitcoin. The draw will be made on July 19th, 2024, and the funds will be split between 99 lucky winners. Participants can earn 11 free tickets by completing basic tasks in this bounty airdrop. This includes visiting 99Bitcoins on YouTube and Facebook and joining its Discord server.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token

3. BlastUP – Accumulate BP Points and Gain Exposure to an Up-and-Coming Ethereum L2 Ecosystem

  • One of the top free crypto airdrops
  • Earn BP by completing basic tasks
  • Gain exposure to the Blast network narrative

BlastUP is an ecosystem project operating on the Blast network, an Ethereum layer 2 project. Put simply, the Blast network offers fast, cheap, and scalable transactions for Ethereum-based tokens. BlastUP is capitalizing on the Blast narrative with a decentralized launchpad. This enables new Blast projects to raise funds before launching to the public.

BlastUP also offers DeFi tools, including staking and initial DEX offerings (IDO) farming. What’s more, BlastUP has developed a secure bridge, allowing users to join the Blast network with ETH holdings. As an up-and-coming ecosystem, BlastUP is running one of the best crypto airdrops.

blastup airdrop

30 million BlastUP tokens have been allocated for the airdrop campaign. Earnings are based on the number of Booster Points (BP) earned. Accumulating BP is easy – just complete tasks via the BlastUP dashboard. This includes connecting a wallet, following and liking the BlastUP X page, and subscribing to its newsletter.

Visit BlastUP

4. DeBank – New DeFi Portfolio Tracker With Funding From Coinbase and a Potential Airdrop Campaign

  • New DeFi portfolio tracker with Coinbase funding
  • Earn XP points by completing tasks
  • Airdrop distribution rumored for mid-2024

DeBank is a new DeFi tracking platform that simplifies Web 3.0 investments for everyday consumers. It’s building a user-friendly dashboard that’s designed with beginners in mind. Every aspect of DeFi will be covered, including staking, liquidity farming, decentralized swaps, and real-time portfolio values.

DeBank already has some notable backers, including Coinbase and DragonFlyCapital. Moreover, the DeBank X page has amassed over 228,000 followers – highlighting its potential as a future Web 3 leader. Now, like many airdrop projects, DeBank hasn’t officially announced a native crypto token. This is likely due to regulatory compliance.

debank airdrop

It has, however, launched a campaign that enables users to earn XP. The consensus is that XP will be converted to airdropped tokens in due course. Participants can start accumulating XP by completing tasks. These align with other airdrop campaigns, such as liking, sharing, and commenting on social media posts, and joining the Telegram and Discord groups.

5. Rage Trade – Innovative Multi-Chain Perpetual Futures Aggregator With a Trading-Based Airdrop

  • A new decentralized trading site specializing in perpetual futures
  • RAGE tokens will be airdropped soon
  • Airdrop points are earned when placing trades

Next on this list of crypto airdrops is Rage Trade – a new perpetual futures trading site. Unlike other perpetual futures platforms, Rage Trade aggregates long and short prices from external liquidity providers. This includes dYdX, GMX, Synthetix, and HyperLiquid.

In doing so, Rage Trade users get market-leading prices without needing to use multiple platforms. Rage Trade also enables users to trade perpetual futures without opening an account. Trades are executed via smart contracts, ensuring privacy and security. In terms of the airdrop, Rage Trade will be distributing RAGE tokens.

rage trade airdrop

Participation is based on trading activity. Put otherwise, users earn points every time a trade is opened and closed. This considers the trade size, so those trading larger volumes will earn extra points. Rage Trade is also running trading competitions on selected pairs. Those entering earn points based on where they finish on the leaderboard position.

6. SuperChamps – Complete Daily and Seasonal Quests to Access Metaverse-Based Sports Games

  • 40 million $CHAMP tokens are up for grabs
  • Earn quest points when completing daily and seasonal tasks
  • Backed by a new metaverse world with sports games

SuperChamps has developed a metaverse world that’s packed with sports games. This includes Racket Rampage – a tennis game played on a cloud with customized jetpacks. Bullet League is also popular; athletes compete with unique weapons and in-game boosters. SuperChamps is also one of the best gaming cryptos.

Players earn $CHAMP tokens when defeating other users. Although $CHAMP is also needed to enter games, the SuperChamp airdrop campaign offers a free-to-play alternative. Over 40 million $CHAMP tokens are up for grabs. Participants earn quest points by completing daily and seasonal tasks.

super champs airdrop

These quest points can be used to play SuperChamp games. For instance, you’ll get 200 points for following SuperChamps on X. 140 points are earned when joining the Discord server and subscribing to the YouTube channel. Points also entitle participants to SuperChamps NFTs. The most valuable is the Genesis NFT, which requires 2,000 points.

7. Solayer – Decentralized Restaking Platform in the Solana Ecosystem With a DeFi-Based Airdrop

  • New decentralized restaking platform in the Solana ecosystem
  • Deposit SOL and immediately receive sSOL tokens
  • The rumored airdrop is based on the deposit size and term

Solayer is an innovative DeFi platform operating in the Solana ecosystem. It specializes in restaking, allowing SOL holders to earn passive rewards while still having access to liquidity. Users deposit SOL into the staking pool and immediately receive sSOL. The sSOL tokens can be used on other DeFi platforms for trading, lending, staking, and more.

Solayer’s total value locked (TVL) is currently at $109 million. This is small compared to other Solana applications, although Solayer is still a new project. What’s more, the TVL is based on over 70,000 individual deposits. Solayer has launched a simple airdrop campaign based on ecosystem participation.

solayer airdrops

Users simply need to deposit SOL into the restaking pool. The more SOL deposited, the better. Participation is also based on the length of the term. So, the longer the SOL is restaked, the higher the earning potential. That said, like similar projects, Solayer hasn’t released information on the airdrop split. Keep an eye on its social media channels for real-time updates.

8. Rho Markets – Provide Liquidity for Crypto Lending Services to Earn Scroll Tokens and Competitive Yields

  • Provide liquidity for crypto lending services
  • Earn free Scroll tokens
  • Generate RXP to qualify for the upcoming airdrop

The next airdrop campaign on this list is Rho Markets. This decentralized platform offers crypto lending services on the Scroll network – an emerging layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Similar to other layer 2’s, Scroll facilitates lighting-fast transactions with a highly scalable environment.

Rho Markets has a simple yet attractive business model. Those with excess crypto coins deposit funds into the lending pool. Those borrowing funds from the pool pay interest, which is distributed to lenders. Supported coins include ETH, USDT, USDC, and wstETH, among others.

rho markets drop

Yields depend on the coin being deposited. Those depositing at least 0.05 ETH (or the equivalent) will be eligible for the Rho Markets airdrop. The more coins lent and the longer the term, the more Rho XP Loyalty Points (RXP) earned. The airdrop date hasn’t been announced yet, but participants will earn Scroll tokens.

9. Rainbow – Self-Custody Wallet Packed With Features Offering ETH Rewards for Participation

  • Earn airdrop points when using the Rainbow wallet
  • The browser extension multiplies points by 5x
  • Airdrop rewards are distributed in ETH

Rainbow is a new self-custody wallet that supports seven network standards. This includes Ethereum, BNB Chain, Zora, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Base. Rainbow, which is available as a mobile app and browser extension, comes packed with features.

This includes a decentralized swapping tool that supports cross-chain functionality, bridging tools, and protection from MEV bots. Rainbow also supports NFTs. Wallets can be viewed in read-only mode for enhanced security. Rainbow hasn’t launched its native token yet, but the airdrop campaign has begun.

Rainbow wallet ETH airdrop

The airdrop is based on participation—meaning using Rainbow’s wallet. For example, you’ll earn points for making transfers, swapping tokens, and lending funds to liquidity pools. Points are amplified by 5x when using the browser extension. Best of all, Rainbow distributes airdrop rewards in ETH.

10. Chirp – IoT and DePIN Project Offering Tokenized Rewards and an Airdrop Campaign With 100,000 $CHIRP

  • Earn $CHIRP tokens when hosting a Blackbird Miner
  • 100,000 $CHIRP has been allocated to the airdrop campaign
  • Airdrop tasks include downloading the app and joining the Telegram group

Last on this list of crypto airdrops is Chirp. This project targets two high-growth concepts: the Internet of Things (IoT) and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). It has developed an innovative earning model that enables consumers to generate tokenized rewards – paid in $CHIRP.

For example, those ordering and hosting a Blackbird Miner can provide telecom data and 5G connectivity. The Chirp ecosystem operates on the Sui blockchain, ensuring scalable, fast, and low-cost transactions. Alternatively, users can earn $CHIRP by entering the airdrop campaign.

chirp drop

100,000 $CHIRP have been allocated, and tokens will be distributed in Q3 2024. Participants earn points when completing tasks – such as downloading the Chirp tracking app and linking it to a Sui-compatible wallet. Points are also earned when following Chirp on X, joining its Telegram group, and referring friends to the network.

What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

Airdrops are a popular method for earning free crypto tokens. While no two airdrop campaigns are the same, most require participants to complete tasks. These often involve promoting the project on social media, such as liking, sharing, and commenting on posts. Most airdrops also require participants to join their Telegram and Discord groups.

Each task earns points. Those with the most points once the airdrop campaign ends will be eligible for tokens. These are typically tokens that are unique to the project. That said, some airdrops offer rewards in established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether.

Although most airdrops are free to enter, some require upfront capital. For instance, DeFi-related airdrops often require users to engage with their platforms – such as staking, lending, or swapping tokens. There are also lottery-based airdrops – participants earn tickets for a chance to win.

How do Crypto Airdrops Work?

Crypto airdrops are a win-win for participants and projects alike. For instance, new crypto launches use airdrops as a marketing tool. They often get participants to spread the word on social media platforms like Facebook, X, and TikTok. Those taking part receive tokens that were issued by the project. This means the crypto project saves much-needed resources.

Similarly, airdrops are ideal for participants who want exposure to crypto but don’t want to risk any money. Most airdrops are task-based, so users receive tokens for their time. However, airdrop distributions are often based on a leaderboard system.

  • For example, suppose the project is offering $100,000 worth of airdropped coins.
  • That $100,000 might be split between the top 100 participants.
  • Meaning – finishing below 100 on the leaderboard could mean zero earnings.
  • This is why it’s important to read the airdrop’s terms before participating

Lottery-based airdrops use a similar system. Airdrop participants receive tickets when completing tasks. A lottery draw will be made after the campaign, with tokens distributed to winning tickets.

Nonetheless, those receiving airdropped tokens have several options. Some participants immediately sell their tokens on a crypto exchange. Others hold onto the tokens long-term, hoping for much larger gains. This option can be beneficial if the project offers something innovative.

Types of Crypto Airdrops

As you might have noticed, free airdrops come in many shapes and sizes. This section explains the most common airdrop systems available in 2024.

Standard Airdrops

Standard airdrops are typically the easiest and require the least amount of effort. Unlike other airdrop types, in a standard airdrop, everyone who participates earns free tokens. The required task(s) can vary depending on the campaign.

how do airdrops work

Some airdrops simply require users to hold a specific token. For instance, the project might distribute its native tokens to those joining its Discord server on or before a certain time frame. Alternatively, participants might need to complete social media tasks or simply register interest in the project.

Holder Airdrops

A holder airdrop is also straightforward – participants don’t need to complete tasks to qualify. Instead, they need to hold a specific coin or token. For example, those holding SOL might receive a newly launched token on the Solana network.

Eligibility is based on wallet holdings via a predefined time stamp. For instance, you might need to have SOL in a wallet at 9 am on September 1st, 2024. This means you can strategically add the required assets to your crypto wallet to qualify for the airdrop.

Exclusive Airdrops

Exclusive airdrops are offered to selected participants based on specific criteria. This often includes early adopters of the respective project. For example, consider a newly launched decentralized exchange on the Base network. Adoption is based on user activity, such as swapping tokens.

More trades executed means greater adoption and, subsequently, higher airdrop rewards. An exclusive airdrop might also target influential stakeholders, such as YouTube analysts or angel investors. Either way, exclusive airdrops often provide the most lucrative rewards, as they’re distributed to a much smaller pool of people.

Bounty Airdrops

Bounty airdrops also require users to complete basic tasks, such as:

  • Connecting a self-custody wallet
  • Like a social media post
  • Joining a Telegram group
  • Downloading an app
  • Answering questions

Each completed task generates points. Those with the most points receive a crypto airdrop. This system is considered fair, as rewards are correlated to the effort mode. These can be a good wat to get crypto before it lists on exchanges.

Raffle Airdrops

Raffle airdrops are becoming increasingly popular with new crypto projects. Similar to other airdrop campaigns, users must complete basic tasks, each of which earns them a raffle ticket.

99Bitcoins course

After the campaign ends, a select number of tickets will be drawn randomly. Those holding a winning ticket will win a share of the airdrop distribution. 99Bitcoins, for example, is offering $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to 99 raffle winners.

Pros & Cons of Crypto Airdrops

Crypto airdrops are a great way to earn free crypto tokens, but participants should consider the advantages and drawbacks before proceeding.

Crypto Airdrops: Advantages

  • Some airdrops allow users to earn tokens without risking any money
  • Airdrops are inclusive and available globally
  • Tasks are often basic – such as sharing social media posts
  • Airdropped tokens can often be sold for cash
  • Campaigns are often safe and private

Crypto Airdrops: Disadvantages

  • Some airdrops require a financial commitment
  • Participants aren’t always fairly remunerated
  • Lottery-based airdrops can mean users earn nothing
  • An increasing number of airdrops are scams
  • Airdrops can dilute existing token holders

How to Pick Which Crypto Airdrops to Invest in

The sheer number of crypto airdrops means that participants should be selective in which ones they engage with. For a start, it’s important to assess whether or not the airdrop could be a scam. For example, there could be no intention of ever distributing any tokens. Or, the tokens might never be listed on exchanges, meaning they’re untradable.

Also, be careful of phishing attempts and connecting a wallet with sufficient holdings. Next, it’s best to engage with airdrops backed by quality projects. Focus on cryptocurrency projects offering something innovative or unique. In doing so, the airdropped tokens could be worth considerably more in the future.

crypto airdrop scams

It’s also wise to consider the time vs. rewards ratio. You don’t want to spend countless hours completing tasks only to receive a few dollars worth of tokens. Often, the best airdrop campaigns only require a few minutes, such as sharing social media posts or providing a wallet address.

You should also evaluate whether participation requires existing crypto holdings. For example, airdrops offered by DeFi platforms usually require adoption – meaning you’d need crypto to swap, lend, or stake tokens. These airdrops can be lucrative but won’t be suitable if you’re looking to earn free crypto without making a financial commitment.

How to Participate in a Crypto Airdrop

Here’s a summarized overview of how to participate in a crypto airdrop:

  • Step 1 – Research the Project: The first step is to research the project offering the airdrop. Understand its core product or service and whether it solves any existing problems. As mentioned, it’s best to stick with projects that have a realistic chance of succeeding.
  • Step 2—Review the Airdrop Terms: Legitimate airdrop campaigns offer clear terms and conditions. These should include the task requirements, remuneration system, and key dates, such as the airdrop time frame and distribution. Make sure you understand the terms before starting.
  • Step 3 – Complete Tasks: If the time vs reward ratio is suitable for your goals, begin completing the required airdrop tasks. This might include joining a Discord server, liking comments on X, or subscribing to a YouTube channel. Other tasks can include DeFi transactions, downloading an app, or playing games.
  • Step 4 – Wait for Airdrop: If you qualify for airdropped tokens, you’ll need to wait for the distribution date. Most airdrops distribute tokens to all participants simultaneously. The tokens should be transferred to the wallet address provided during the registration process.
  • Step 5 – Sell or Hold Tokens: You’ll need to decide what to do with the airdropped tokens once they’re received. Consider holding the tokens if you believe in the long-term potential of the project. Or, you might want to cash out straight away. This can be done by selling the tokens on a supported exchange.

How to Avoid Crypto Airdrop Scams

While most crypto airdrops are credible and safe, some are outright scams.

Here are some tips to avoid becoming an airdrop victim:

  • Wallet Connections: Some airdrop campaigns require users to connect to a private wallet. Never use a wallet that has a consequential balance. Instead, it’s wise to use an empty wallet specifically for airdrops. Otherwise, the wallet could be drained if the airdrop is a scam.
  • Fake Airdrops: Airdrops can also be fake – meaning the project has no intention of distributing tokens. Instead, they simply want participants to promote the project on social media – without making a financial commitment. Conduct thorough research to ensure the airdrop is legitimate, including the project founders.
  • Private Keys: Another scam is related to private keys. Somebody will impersonate the project team (often on Telegram or X), claiming they need your private keys before distributing the airdrop. Never share your private keys with anyone – your wallet will be drained.
  • Phishing: Phishing scams are also becoming commonplace. Always double-check website domains before clicking links. Using a fake website could mean you’re engaging with a fraudulent platform. Its sole intention will be to drain your wallet contents.
  • Smart Contract: Some airdrop campaigns have already launched their native token. This means you can verify the token’s credibility via its unique smart contract address. It’s best to stick with tokens that have been audited by a reputable third party. Ensure the contract is free from vulnerabilities, such as being able to issue an unlimited number of new tokens.
  • Random Token Deposits: Another common scam is receiving airdrop tokens that you never participated in. You might randomly find these tokens in your wallet. The scam sees victims search for the token name, visit its website, and be asked to connect a wallet. Like many scams, connecting a wallet will result in a loss of funds.


We’ve covered everything there is to know about crypto airdrops. They’re one of the best ways to earn crypto without risking money. You’ll then have the option of cashing out the airdropped tokens or holding long-term.

However, not all airdrops are legitimate, so caution is advised. Research is crucial – especially when clicking links or being asked to connect a wallet.


How do I ensure an airdrop is legit?

Research everything about the airdrop – including its terms and conditions, whitepaper, and project founders. Be particularly cautious when asked to connect a wallet, and ensure the required tasks yield adequate rewards.

How often do crypto airdrops happen?

Crypto airdrops are becoming increasingly popular, and new campaigns are launched frequently. A great way to stay up-to-date with the latest airdrops is on X (Twitter).

Are there risks to crypto airdrops?

Yes, some airdrops are scams – which can include phishing, fake campaigns, and requests for wallet private keys. Participants should also assess how much time is required, as airdrop rewards can be minimal.

Are crypto airdrops worth it?

Airdrops can be worth it if you’re looking to earn free crypto without risking funds. However, don’t expect to get rich from an airdrop – token distributions are often made to thousands of other participants.

How do I get new crypto airdrops?

Regularly search for ‘airdrops’ on X to discover the upcoming crypto airdrops for 2024. This is how most airdrops are advertised.

What are the best upcoming Solana airdrops?

While not officially confirmed, Phantom Wallet is rumored to be planning a crypto airdrop. Qualification will likely be based on participation, meaning sending, receiving, and swapping tokens.


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