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New cryptocurrency Scotcoin plans to become mainstream in Scotland

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Following the trend launched by Iceland, where every citizen will soon own some Auroracoin, Scotland could be the next country to have its own digital coin. Scotcoin is the name of this special cryptocurrency, whose goal is to “take back the power for the Scottish people”.

The mind behind this project is Derek N., a Scottish cryptocurrency enthusiast from Edinburgh who has “been  interested in the digital currency space for quite a few years now”.

“I want to bring together those passionate about doing something to build an amazing cryptocurrency that can really benefit Scotland and the Scottish people, helping to remove those chains around our current financial central banking woes along with the ridiculous bureaucracy that now exists”, the developer wrote on the coin’s official website.

The coin’s goal is to “be used as a medium of exchange for the Scottish people”. However, “if the users decide between themselves that there is a fiat monetary value for Scotcoin, that is entirely at their discretion”.

Still, to properly launch the new digital coin, Derek is requesting the help of the Scottish community. However, he has already defined most of the details regarding the cryptocurrency, which will have the maximum possible amount of coins available within the current technology: 99,999,999,999 coins.

According to the developer, 98 billion of these coins will be pre-mined and immediately made available to the Scottish people, which means that each adult will receive 28 million Scotcoins once the project is launched. The remaining two billion will be “held back to encourage some limited mining for those that will participate in running nodes on the network”.

“There has never been a better opportunity to create a cryptocurrency, which is 100 percent geared towards benefiting the Scottish people and building an amazing new digital economy”, Derek guarantees. He plans to have Scotcoin’s digital wallet for Windows, Android, Linux and Mac ready for download during the next week, along with an operating network.

Once the potential users have downloaded the wallet software, they will be able to make an application on Scotcoin’s website and receive their 28 million digital coins.

Image from Scotcoin’s website

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