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Coveted Bitcoin domain sells for $1 million

It only took a couple of weeks for a digital currency investor to buy the revered Bitcoin domain for $1 million. The domain’s new owner is Josh Garza of Connecticut-based mining equipment firm GAWMiners.

Apparently, Garza has “huge things in the works” for the world’s most famous cryptocurrency and its mining ecosystem, he told CryptoCoinsNews. Projects that are now closer to reality after the purchase of the domain, which was exclusively brokered by Domain Guardians.

According to Jen Sale, co-founder of Domain Guardians (quoted by International Business Times), “whether you’re a Bitcoin startup or existing company wishing to solidify your authority and optimize your marketing, there is no better opportunity than acquiring”.

In the right hands, this domain has the power to change the Bitcoin landscape and establish a market leader.

The famous cryptocurrency entrepreneur Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, agrees: “for Bitcoin related companies, is the best domain name currently available for sale that I am aware of. Any business using would almost certainly catch a lot of extra attention because of this premier domain name”.

This is not the first Bitcoin domain to sell for a large sum, as was recently sold for a value close to $250,000. Other famous domain – – was also up for sale last month, but a court order stopped the auction. The domain belongs to Mark Karpeles, the chief executive of defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox.

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