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Coinye creators send counter cease-and-desist order to Kanye West

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It looks like the famous Coinye is not about Kanye West, but rather about “a half-man, half-fish hybrid”, an accurate description of the cryptocurrecy’s new logo. At least, that is what the founders of Coinye claim in the counter cease-and-desist they sent to the rapper.

The story of this new altcoin, originally called Coinye West and represented by a drawing of Kanye’s face in a barefaced tribute to the music artist, is getting more peculiar every day. Just four days ago, Kanye West, who didn’t like the idea of having a digital coin inspired in his name, threatened the coders with a cease and desist order sent by his lawyers.

Coinye's previous logo
Coinye’s previous logo

After getting the order, the creators of the original altcoin decided not only to keep up with their mission, but also to launch sooner after changing the cryptocurrency’s name to Coinye, as well as the logo that is now a drawing of a man’s face on a fish.

The ‘Coinye Coin Worldwide Team’ then sent Kanye’s lawyers a counter cease and desist order, which they used to assure to the rapper they are not  infringing on the musician’s image due to the changes made to the name and logo, reports.

The letter states that the cryptocurrency now “makes no visual or verbal reference to Kanye West, but to a half-man-half-fish hybrid who is wearing sunglasses, again, totally separate from any resemblance to your client”. The coders explain they have “removed any and all references” to Kanye West, “which we feel could mislead someone into believing that there is in any way a link between the two”, they stated.

The document also condemns the “constant harassment and scare tactics” perpetuated by the artist’s lawyers against the Coinye community, an accusation that makes reference to other cease and desist letters against related sites.

It looks like the game is on for Coinye and Kanye. In the meantime, someone who identifies himself as being the “lead Coinye guy” announced on /r/coinyewest that at least one exchange is going to be active during the next week. The Redditor ‘coinyewest’ ended his message with a promise: “it’s been a rocky start, but we’re not giving up”.

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