Cointerra announces a new powerful 2 TH/s ASIC Bitcoin miner

Cointerra announced recently the launching of its first product: a 2 TH/s ASIC Bitcoin miner. The device will be powered by four 28nm ASIC chips running at 500 GH/s each, which is a big improvement when compared to the mining devices currently on the market that have 110nm or 65nm chips.

But, according to the company, this 2 TH/s Cointerra miner – that will retail for $15,750 – is just the beginning. The rest of the news should be announced in the end of August.

The miner will be housed in a 2U air-cooled container and the early estimates of power efficiency indicate 0.6 Watts/GHs or 1,200 Watts total. This new device will be self contained with a power supply and controlled via an ethernet port.

Like in many other cases, Cointerra is also using the pre-order system, a method that the users are starting to hate, mainly due to the late deliveries happening with other companies like Butterfly Labs or Avalon. Cointerra already announced that the forecast shipping date is pointing to December. However, in the event that the pre-orders arrive after the expected delivery date, Cointerra assures it will compensate the customers with additional hashing power.

Let’s see how the network will react to the arrival of these new miners.


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