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Coin Representative: Rules and Guidelines

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Coin Representatives are meant to be active members of the various digital currency communities that would like to help provide insight into the currency that they, and their community, support.  It would be impossible for the staff of Coin Brief to cover every currency, and thus it only seems fair to allow representation of this sort. Coin Representatives are free to write about the benefits of their coin, as well as technical analysis, recent news, or any other truthful, positive article that would be relevant.  However, there are rules that must not be broken:


  1. No obscene language, pictures, or other adult content.
  2. No attacking, threatening, or undermining other Coin Representatives, or any other individual, business, or entity.
  3. No misleading, or false, information.
  4. No negative statements about other currencies.  Mentioning another currency is fine, but do not do so in a way that claims that one currency is better than another, or mentions another currency in a negative way.For example “X coin uses the X123 mining algorithm, which is the same algorithm used by Y and Z” is fine.However it is unacceptable to write statements such as this: “X coin uses the X123 mining algorithm, while Y coin uses the inferior Y123 algorithm” or “X coin is awesome!  Y coin sucks!” or “No one should buy Y coin.”
  5. No linking to malicious, or even questionable, websites. External links are ok, in moderation, but they must be pointing to reputable websites.  We also reserve the right to rel=”nofollow” external links to prevent link spam, or for SEO purposes.  This has no effect on a reader’s ability to click a link.  It only causes search engines to ignore the link.


Beyond that, the following guidelines will help you to properly format, and prepare, your articles:


  1. Make sure your article’s category is set to “Coin Representatives” only.
  2. Add your currency’s name as a tag, but do not add other coin names as a tag (this is how the Coin Pages determine what to display)
  3. If uploading an image, please try to verify that its use is not restricted in any way, and give proper attribution.  You can use the example below as a format for any Creative Commons licensed image by:Replacing the URLs ( and  with the correct ones for your image’s license and originating link.Replacing “By Fry1989” with “By ‘creatorowner’s name'” or however the originating source would like to be recognizedReplacing “via Wikimedia Commons” with “via ‘originating website name'” (Wikimedia Commons and Flikr are the two most common sources for CC licensed images)[highlight]By Fry1989 [<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>CC BY-SA 3.0</a>], <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>via Wikimedia Commons</a>[/highlight]
  4. Attempt to use WordPress’ Heading options effectively.  Paragraph should be used for most of your text, but selecting Heading 1 – 6 can give you various size text to use for section headers, or other labels.
  5. Once you have written an article, scroll to the bottom of the page, and type a “Meta” description.  This is the description that will show up on Google, and you should keep it under 156 characters, or else the end of it will be cut off.
  6. Keep article titles to 58 characters(including spaces) or less.  70 is the max for Google, and Coin Brief automatically adds 12 characters to the end: – CoinBrief

Coin Brief is an open source website for digital news. It provides cryptocurrency tools, mining calculators, tutorials, and more. It was acquired by 99Bitcoins on September 2015.

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