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Coin Representative: Resources and Getting Started

Please read over our Coin Representative Rules and Guidelines first.  These guidelines are very important, and will help you to format your article submissions correctly.  After you have read over the rules, you can get started by visiting then clicking on the “Posts” tab and finally “Add New”.  Posts created by a Coin Representitive are placed in a “Pending Review” status.

A Coin Brief Editor will review a submission, we reserve the right to edit any content submitted for:

  • Spelling and grammar fixes.
  • That it meets our Rules and Guidelines.
  • Check facts, links, and external references for consistency and correctness.
  • Polish structure, flow, and tense.
  • Add, remove, or suggest additional metadata to improve the article’s findability.


Below are a list of internal links that you can use for reference, or in your posts if you would like.  These links should be inserted by highlighting the text that you would like the link to be attached to, and clicking “Insert/Edit link” then typing the link in the URL field.

1.  Coin Pages – by linking to /c/coincode you can link directly to the Coin Page for your coin. For example, if you were writing about Bitcoin, you would link to, or for Litecoin you would use .

2.  Coin Page List – is a list of all of our Coin Pages, and includes their Coin Code.  If you want to verify what the coin code is for your coin, or just want to look through our list, visit this page.  If, for some reason, your coin is not listed, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

3. Coin Charts & Tools –  /c/coincode/price will link to a Coin’s price chart. /c/coincode/mining will link to a Coin’s mining calculator, if one is available.   Example: Currently mining calculators are only available for Scrypt and SHA-256 coins, but we will be adding more algorithms in the future.

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