Coinbase, BitQuick and waive all fees on Bitcoin Black Friday

We are only three days away from one of the most awaited dates of the year for the cryptocurrency community around the world: Bitcoin Black Friday. And although you will surely enjoy amazing deals at the event’s website, this will also be the right day to move your virtual coins around since three of the biggest and most famous exchanges in the world won’t be charging any fees.

“ will cancel all fees for a day on Bitcoin Black Friday”, the German Euro-Bitcoin exchange recently announced on its website. But the European platform is not alone. There are more cryptocurrency platforms following the same path and one of them is, which will also ditch all fees on November 29th.

But there’s still someone missing and that someone is Coinbase. “As a proud sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday, we’re happy to announce that Coinbase will waive all fees on Friday, November 29th. Coinbase users can buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins for free, all day long“, the platform announced on its official blog.

According to Coinbase, Bitcoin Black Friday will be a “great event that brings the entire Bitcoin community one step closer to mainstream merchant adoption”. It will at least help a lot of Bitcoiners get good Christmas gifts with their cryptocurrency.

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