Coinbase allows new users to buy their first Bitcoin instantly

With Bitcoin growing and now overcoming the $400 barrier (Mt. Gox is currently showing a high price of $447 and Bitstamp is already beyond $408), Coinbase wants to make the integration of new users easier. That is why the platform just launched instant purchases for new buyers.

After including the instant-buy feature back in August for users who purchased Bitcoins through the service and had been with Coinbase for at least 30 days, the platform is now ready to improve this possibility and broaden it to newcomers.

“Part of our goal at Coinbase is to make acquiring Bitcoin as easy as possible”, says a message posted on the company’s blog. That is why, since this Wednesday (13), all new users can purchase a small amount of Bitcoin – up to 1 BTC – without the previous 30-day wait period.


The new arrivals just have to meet all the required verifications, which is basically verifying their identity and adding a backup credit card.

According to the blog post, “with this change, a Bitcoin newbie can acquire their first Bitcoin in the time it takes to link and verify their payment methods in 10 minutes or less“.

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