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All Coin Pages-Mining Calculators, Price Charts, and more

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For quite some time, we have been planning on providing a complete list of all currencies that are currently available on Coin Brief.  This is a very rough list,  but should provide easier access to all of our Coin Pages.

The Coin Pages contain mining calculators, price charts, difficulty charts, article lists, social graphs, with more coming in the near future.

Coin Name Algorithm Coin Code
42Coin Scrypt 42
Aiden Scrypt-OG AIDEN
AlphaCoin Scrypt ALF
AmericanCoin Scrypt AMC
Anoncoin Scrypt ANC
Argentum Scrypt ARG
AsiaCoin Scrypt AC
AuroraCoin Scrypt AUR
BattleCoin SHA-256 BCX
BBQCoin Scrypt BQC
Benjamins SHA-256 BEN
Betacoin SHA-256 BET
BitBar Scrypt BTB
Bitcoin SHA-256 BTC
BitGem Scrypt BTG
Bitshares PTS SHA-512 PTS
BlackCoin Scrypt BC
BottleCaps Scrypt CAP
ByteCoin SHA-256 BCN
CACHeCoin Scrypt-Jane CACH
CashCoin Scrypt CASH
CasinoCoin Scrypt CSC
CatCoin Scrypt CAT
CHNCoin Scrypt CNC
CinniCoin Scrypt CINN
Cloakcoin Proof of Stake CLOAK
CommunityCoin Proof of Stake COMM
CopperLark SHA-512 CLR
Cosmoscoin Scrypt CMC
Counterparty NULL XCP
CraftCoin Scrypt CRC
CryptoBuck Scrypt BUK
CryptogenicBullion Scrypt CGB
CryptographicAnomaly Scrypt CGA
Curecoin SHA-256 CURE
Darkcoin X11 DRK
DevCoin SHA-256 DVC
Diamond Scrypt DMD
Digibyte Scrypt DGB
DigitalCoin Scrypt DGC
DimeCoin Quark DIME
DNotes Scrypt NOTE
Dogecoin Scrypt DOGE
Dopecoin Scrypt DOPE
EarthCoin Scrypt EAC
Einsteinium Scrypt EMC2
ElaCoin Scrypt ELC
eMark SHA-256 DEM
Emerald Scrypt EMD
Ethereum N/A Ether
ExeCoin Scrypt-N EMD
EZCoin Scrypt EZC
FastCoin Scrypt FST
Feathercoin Scrypt FTC
Fedoracoin Scrypt TIPS
FireflyCoin SHA-256 FFC
FlappyCoin Scrypt FLAP
Fluttercoin Scrypt FLT
Franko Scrypt FRK
FreiCoin SHA-256 FRC
Galaxycoin Scrypt GLX
Globalboost Scrypt GLC
Globalcoin Scrypt GLC
GoldCoin Scrypt GLD
GrandCoin Scrypt GDC
Greececoin Scrypt GRCE
Gridcoin Scrypt GRC
Groestlcoin Groestl GRS
HeavyCoin HEFTY1 HVC
HoboNickels Scrypt HBN
iCoin X11 ICN
Infinitecoin Scrypt IFC
Isracoin Scrypt ISR
IXCoin SHA-256 IXC
JouleCoin SHA-256 XJO
JunkCoin Scrypt JKC
Karma X11 KARM
KittehCoin Scrypt MEOW
KlondikeCoin Scrypt KDC
KrugerCoin Scrypt KGC
LeafCoin Scrypt LEAF
LegendaryCoin Scrypt LGD
Libertycoin X11 XLB
LiteBar Scrypt LTB
Litecoin Scrypt LTC
LottoCoin Scrypt LOT
Lucky7Coin Scrypt LK7
LuckyCoin Scrypt LKY
LycanCoin Scrypt LYC
Marinecoin Scrypt MTC
Mastercoin Scrypt MSC
MaxCoin Keccak MAX
MazaCoin SHA-256 MZC
Megacoin Scrypt MEC
MinCoin Scrypt MNC
MintCoin Proof of Stake MINT
Monacoin Scrypt MONA
Monero CryptoNight XMR
Monocle Scrypt-N MON
Mooncoin Scrypt MOON
MurrayCoin Scrypt MRY
MyriadCoin Myriad MYR
NameCoin SHA-256 NMC
NanoToken Scrypt NAN
Nautiluscoin Scrypt NAU
NeoCoin Scrypt NEC
Netcoin Scrypt NET
Nibble Scrypt NBL
NoirBits Scrypt NRB
Novacoin Scrypt NVC
Nxt Proof of Stake NXT
NyanCoin Scrypt NYAN
OctoCoin Scrypt 888
OpenSourceCoin SHA-256 OSC
Orbitcoin Scrypt ORB
Pandacoin Scrypt PND
PayCoin Scrypt PYC
Peercoin SHA-256 PPC
Pesetacoin Scrypt PTC
PhilosopherStone Scrypt PHS
PhoenixCoin Scrypt PXC
Pinkcoin X11 PC
Potcoin Scrypt POT
Premine SHA-256 PMC
PrimeCoin CunninghamTWN XPM
QQCoin Scrypt-Jane QQC
Quark Quark QRK
RainbowCoin SHA-256 LGBT
Reddcoin POSV RDD
RonPaulCoin Scrypt RPC
RoyalCoin Scrypt RYC
SaturnCoin Scrypt SAT
SecureCoin Secure SRC
SexCoin Scrypt SXC
SmartCoin Scrypt SMC
SpainCoin Scrypt-N SPA
Spots Scrypt SPT
StableCoin Scrypt SBC
StarCoin Scrypt STR
Tacocoin Scrypt TCO
TagCoin Scrypt TAG
TakCoin SHA-256 TAK
TekCoin SHA-256 TEK
TerraCoin SHA-256 TRC
TigerCoin SHA-256 TGC
Titcoin SHA-256 TIT
UltraCoin Scrypt UTC
UnbreakableCoin SHA-256 UNB
Universitycoin Scrypt UVC
Unobtanium SHA-256 UNO
USDe Scrypt USDe
Velocitycoin Scrypt-Jane VEL
VeriCoin Proof of Stake VRC
Vertcoin Scrypt-N VTC
Viacoin Scrypt VIA
Wankcoin SHA-256 WKC
WhiteCoin Scrypt WC
Worldcoin Scrypt WDC
YaCoin Scrypt YAC
YBCoin Scrypt YBC
ZcCoin Scrypt-Jane ZCC
ZedCoin Scrypt ZED
Zeitcoin Scrypt ZEIT
Zerocoin ScryptSHA-256X11 ZERO
ZetaCoin SHA-256 ZET

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