You are at: Home » News » Manipulating Reddit Against Reddit Rules Manipulating Reddit Against Reddit Rules is an Internet cryptocurrency exchange that was originally founded by the Collectibles Club.

The exchange allows customers to purchase bitcoins with cash, credit card, bank transfers, wire transfers and ACH transactions.

Recently the company has been sending out emails to end-users offering to pay them in bitcoin for positive reviews of the service posted to reddit.

Email to Customers


Multiple users took to reddit to share emails from the exchange encouraging the review spam on reddit.

Reddit has a strict set of policies and rules that disallow this sort of vote manipulation or incentivized content.

reddit rules regarding manipulation

This sort of “astroturfing”  is often frowned up and disallowed in most online communities.

It is the belief of many individuals in the bitcoin community that is attempting to pump itself especially on reddit after several reddit posts have gone viral with scathing reviews of the site.

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  1. As an incentive, we did ask our members to post on social media to tell about their experience with using our services, we realized paying for positive reviews was a mistake and have ended this promotion.

  2. berenstain bear

    Oh come on! I’ve been waiting like 2 weeks for a new article on this site, and with all the juicy drama going on in the bitcoin world, this is the shit you come up with? A few sentences and a couple screen shots? You’re not even trying anymore…

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