Circle In Brilliant Customer Service Move Gives Users $50 of Free BTC

Recently Circle began sending out invites to a large number of users many whom immediately went and purchased Bitcoin with a credit card to only later find they were being charged fees by the credit card company for performing a “cash advance”. Circle has been working with various banks and issuers to get this issue resolved but has taken it a step further.

An email began appearing in many Circle users inbox stating:

We recently learned that some of our customers are being charged cash advance fees by their credit card issuing banks for deposits made to Circle. We noticed you used a credit card with us, and we hope that you have not been charged these fees. Just in case, we’ve sent you $50 in bitcoin for any inconvenience.

A brilliant move in not only trying to repair some of the ill-will directed at Circle (who actually wasn’t behind the fees) they began sending these out in one of the most brilliant marketing moves we’ve seen to date here at Coin Fire.

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