China has a new wallet that can attract even more users to the cryptocurrency world

Chinese Bitcoin users have a new cryptocurrency wallet, which was launched this week. The free and open source software, created for the iPhone and Android devices, was designed by ASICME, a Beijing-based startup with just one month of history that is producing Bitcoin mining equipment in China.

Like any other, the app can be used to store your Bitcoins and spend them online or in real places. For now, ASICME guarantees it has no plans to use the software to earn money. According to its founder, the company’s main goal is to persevere and thrive and programs like this one can really help: with more users come more buyers.


“Everyone else is too busy thinking how are they going to make money, but we’re busy thinking about how to get more people using Bitcoin”, says Yang Yaorui.

Besides this new wallet, the Chinese entrepreneur guarantees ASICME will soon start working on more open-source software projects. One of them can be a software for vendors, something like a Bitcoin cash register that can work along with the wallet app developed by the startup. This could benefit greatly the increase of real stores that accept Bitcoin in China.


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