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bitcoin obituary

“Distributed Ledgers Part I – Bitcoin is dead” – Pascal Bouvier | $281.47

We have yet to see any meaningful adoption in the retail world and the institutional world seems quite lukewarm. . . . The deflationary quality of [Bitcoin]( – by design and not by accident – is a major drawback. Deflation naturally encourages hoarding and delays spending, which is the behavior we are witnessing with BTC holders.

bitcoin obituary

“The Death of Bitcoin” – Tony Arcieri | $234.43

I don’t think Bitcoin is the correct technology to build these sorts of ideas on. I understand and strongly sympathize with the desire to move to decentralized systems and plan on eventually working in that space myself, but between Bitcoin’s efficiency problems and poor tolerance of network partitions, I do not think it’s suitable as a general purpose global decentralized database in the way people want to use it.

bitcoin obituary

“Bitcoin is going to disappear” – | $246.28

The price of Bitcoin lost most of its value since its parabolic rise and speculators have lost a lot of money. The next electronic payment technology will be very large. We eagerly await the next version of electronic money to appear.

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