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bitcoin obituary

“Why Bitcoin Is Doomed as a Currency” – | $821.39

The part where you run in to trouble is getting governments to accept tax revenue as Bitcoin, because it undermines the national currency, making monetary policy irrelevant. And why would a country do that exactly? Why would they surrender the ability to heal their economy? Sorry to all the believers, but it’s a Libertarian pipe dream that makes absolutely no sense.

bitcoin obituary

“An early obituary for bitcoin” – Reuters | $821.79

Bitcoin is the wrong answer to a good question: what can be done to make the monetary system less crazy? . . . Bitcoin is not over yet. But the pseudo-currency is close enough to collapse to merit an early retrospective. . . . Bitcoin is neither a relatable store of value nor a helpful unit of account.

bitcoin obituary

“One Thing You Can Bank On: The Bitcoin Currency Is Doomed” – Valley News | $798.02

Sorry, but Bitcoin isn’t the future. If anything, it’s a throwback to an earlier era. . . . Anyone who thinks that Bitcoin will triumph has to believe that it will succeed where earlier generations of private currencies failed — that Bitcoin will, improbably, manage to overthrow more than century’s worth of accumulated state power, jealously guarded and ruthlessly enforced. That’s a preposterous fantasy — and a dangerous one, if you’re an investor.

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