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Business group pushes Bitcoin forward by investing in the next generation of ASIC chips and a new supercomputer

The same investment group that helped Skype grow, the Hong Kong-based Massive Luck Investments Limited, is now part of the cryptocurrency world. With offices across the world, the firm is moving “aggressively into the Bitcoin space by actively funding the development of next generation Bitcoin mining ASIC technology and establishing the first Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center” in early 2013.

In a press release, Peter Nolan, from the investment holding group, explains how Massive Luck decided to bet on Bitcoin.

We began researching investment opportunities related to digital currencies in early 2012, and by the beginning of 2013 we made a strategic decision to aggressively move into the digital currency “Wild West”. Massive Luck Investments has identified digital currencies as a future growth area for the globally regulated traditional banking sector.

Digital currencies provide traceable and expedient transfer protocols for consumers, governments, and banks, with the advantage of enabling users to conduct highly secure, low cost, instant transactions.

As the world’s economies increasingly turn to e-commerce and non-physical cash transactions, the global marketplace will demand further integration of digital currencies with regulated infrastructure.

Massive Luck Investments might be one of the biggest supporters of the new generations of ASIC mining technology, since it currently owns a major stake in the company Bitmine AG (formerly known as Exion Networks SA and registered in Switzerland). The group is now trying to transfer the Swiss firm to its manufacturing and hosting facilities in Asia in order to push the manufacturing of the new chip sets based on the most advanced existing 28nm technology.

The project’s partners will be the microchip design groups Synapse, Innosilicon and Verisilicon and also the top global microchip manufacturer Global Foundry. “Some of these next generation ASICs may be made available to the public, but the great majority will be utilized in their own datacenters, for industrial scale mining“, the Massive Luck group reveals.

Beyond this significant investment, the holding is also cooperating with the Shanghai Supercomputer Center in China, by “conducting digital modeling and research to optimize its future digital currency research supercomputer design”. The big goal is “to design and build a world-class supercomputing digital processing center of the same caliber found in the most advanced projects in Shanghai, Switzerland and USA. However, this will be the world’s first supercomputer exclusively applied to the field of cryptocurrency research. The Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center will serve as a dedicated backbone to cryptocurrency transactions and customer service worldwide”.

Besides all these projects, the group has also designed and developed BetCoin Dice, a high payout online Bitcoin dice game platform launched in the beginning of August.

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Increase the difficulty until coin mining is an environmental disaster. Great idea.

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