the website that converts your Bitcoins into precious help

“Do good with Bitcoin” is the simple slogan that pretty much explains how the donations platform works. The website allows its users to help several organizations by donating how much they want and when they want. No contracts, no obligations, just the desire to help others.

Currently, it’s possible to support well-known institutions like Greenpeace, UNICEF or the German non-governmental organisation SOS – Children’s Villages. You can either donate or also include your institution in the platform.

“Even if you spend only one Dollar Cent (or the equivalent in Bitcoin) it might help to change the world. Our principle is we don’t want much from each single person. But the crowd will make small amounts big enough to make a change. We believe in micro and crowd-donations”, explains

The website’s goal is to make global Bitcoin donations simpler: “giving is not about contracts or information. It should be simple as dropping some coins in a box”, it’s possible to read on the platform’s official webpage that is able to maintain the service by charging “low fees”. According to the service, charges a “5% service fee for the Bitcoin transaction with the US Payment Service Provider Bitpay & managing to convince more and more organisations to accept Bitcoin as their favorite donation payment”.

If you have any doubts, you can contact through the address [email protected] or the number +49 30 200058689.

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