BTC China turns into the world’s number one Bitcoin exchange

After a whole week handling a higher volume of Bitcoins when compared to Mt. Gox and Bitstamp, BTC China has become the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. The platform processed the transaction of more than 109,841 BTC for seven days.

During the same period, Bitstamp “only” processed 93,372 BTC and Mt. Gox levels were even lower, with 76,673 BTC. The data is from and it was recently published by Coindesk.

The difference is not only visible in the last week, but it was also notorious during 24 hours in the beginning of this week. Between this Sunday (3) and Monday (4), the Chinese exchange processed 36,104 BTC, turning into a clear winner when compared with Mt. Gox’s 24,913 and Bitstamp’s 23,214 virtual coins.

Bobby Lee, CEO of BTC China, was pleased with the trust of the exchange’s clients. “It’s an honor to see that BTC China has been propelled ahead to number one in the worldwide rankings. The real credit goes to the people in China, for having recognized the importance and value of Bitcoin“, he told Coindesk.

However, as Lee says, “nothing is permanent”, so the platform must keep working to maintain these good numbers. Bobby Lee recalled the moment when, months ago, he predicted October would be a great month for Bitcoin in China: “the people here are really getting it, and it is being spread by both the general media and by word of mouth”.

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