Brooklyn’s neighborhood has three places where you can spend your Bitcoins (and fill your tummy)


It looks like Brooklyn is getting its Bitcoin on: there are already three businesses in this New York City borough, more specifically located in the Fort Greene neighborhood, that take cryptocurrency.

The most recent addition to the local Bitcoin businesses is Lean Crust Pizza, a typical pizzeria on Fulton Street that also serves vegan and gluten free pizzas. Although there’s still no confirmation on the pizzeria’s website, the information was revealed by a customer here.


Lean Crust Pizza

This establishment joins an organic grocery store and a bistro, which already accepted cryptocurrency. The name of the grocery store, on Brooklyn’s Greene Avenue, is Green Ave. Market, where you can find fresh and organic products every day. The place also sells vegetarian and vegan products, organic healthcare products and even has a juice bar that serves juices, smoothies and coffee.

Finally, the last place to spend your Bitcoins in Brooklyn is the American cuisine restaurant Oxford Kitchen, also on Greene Avenue. Right now, Fort Greene is a lucky place to be a Bitcoiner, especially if you’re a hungry one!

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