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Breaking: USMS Auction Winners Notified

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The winners and losers of the USMS Bitcoin auction have been notified and the auction has been completed and closed.

Tim Draper was the winner of the auction, more details here.

Prior to the coins being moved a verified source with the USMS who wishes to remain anonymous stated to Coin Fire, “It is really important that we get this 100% right. We have to verify that they aren’t tied to any sort of criminal activity, we have to verify we have the money from the wire transfer. If we send the coins we understand we will have no way to reverse the transaction so every step is being taken.”

At approximately 3:39PM EDT coins contained in the USMS controlled wallet: 1Ez69SnzzmePmZX3WpEzMKTrcBF2gpNQ55 moved to a new destination address of: 1a8LDh3qtCdMFAgRXzMrdvB8w1EG4h1Xi

We can tell you who weren’t the winners however at this time. Alex Waters a board member for has lost with a bid of $403. He said that he had intentionally bid below the market rate because he was expecting several of the bidders to be disqualified by the United States Marshall Service.

Barry Silbert of BIT investment fund has also announced that they were unable to secure any blocks in the auction on behalf of the syndicate. As of 4:23PM EDT he, the BIT nor SecondMarket have made a statement regarding the price that they had bid in the auction.

Coin Fire has also learned that Josh Jones the co-founder of DreamHost and now Angel investor in Chartio and WP Engine also had placed a bid for $451.13 and was also not a winner.

Reuters is also reporting that Dan Morehead and Pantera Capital was not a winner of any blocks in the USMS auction. He declined to offer the bid price that they had submitted as well.

We also learned that Bill Lee a noted angel investor in Tesla and SpaceX had also placed a bid for the bitcoins and was notified that it was not a winning bid. Chris DeMuth Jr., a partner at Rangeley Capital also confirmed to The New York Times that he was not able to secure a winning bid and declined to reveal his bid but said it was below market value.

Chamath Palihapitiya tweeted this morning none of his bids were accepted for the USMS Bitcoin auction.

Coin Fire also confirmed that Bitcoin Shop’s bid for the USMS auction was also rejected. Charles Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin Shop, commented, “Our bid with the USMS to purchase bitcoins through an online auction was not accepted. As a mechanism to hedge our proposed investment, we also bid through the Second Market syndicate for a smaller allocation, but that bid was not accepted either. After evaluating the current bitcoin currency landscape, we submitted a bid price that, if accepted, reflected our determination of a competitive and attractive value for our investors. Bitcoin Shop will continue to evaluate investment opportunities such as this in the future.”

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