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Black Market Reloaded closes and reopens in one day after code leak

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In what has to be one of the quickest mind changes in the history of illegal marketplaces and Bitcoin, the online store Black Market Reloaded has been shut down and reopened in less than 24 hours.

The second largest marketplace of the “deep web” with virtual shelves full of drugs and other illegal products – after the now gone Silk Road – was closed this Thursday (17) by the administrator, known as ‘backopy’. Apparently, he noticed a code leak and decided to shut down the platform, which he explained in this message:

During these days I’d to commit the worse of the sins to get the site online; use a VPS! The VPS admin had stole the code and leaked it. This means I can’t operate anymore. I’d read the rumors, and I’ve to say I’m not BCE, but his work was where I learn some basics to build the site.

I’ll put up in a few days a system to allow you to recover your BTC, they went nowhere and I’ve all needed data to refund them.

All the best and until the next time,


According to BMR’s owner, this virtual private server stole and leaked the site’s source code, eventually posting it on, a site that provides information for hidden services. This move could endanger the identity of the platform’s users.

However, shortly after this announcement, ‘backopy’ decided the security breach wasn’t so bad and reopened the site, posting this new message, published by Mashable:

After reviewing my code over and over I came to realize that I can still put it back up.
I know I’ll be facing now direct hits to secondary files, but they’re all well protected and even if the attacker gets the source won’t be able to do much other than look at it.
Unfortunately as I don’t know if the old certificate was compromised, I’ve to change BMR’s URL.

Wait for more news in a short while.

The users won’t be able to add or withdraw Bitcoin for one day, at least. Besides, ‘backopy’ advised his clients to encrypt their communications and wipe their profiles before using BMR again.

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