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BitPay Powers New Point of Sale Hardware

Thanks to a partnership with Bitpay, Givex’s Vexilor point of sale (POS) will now enable its merchants to accept payments in bitcoin.

Givex claims that the new Vexilor POS will process bitcoin payments with ease, allowing for an easy transaction process for patrons and smooth payment retrieval for merchants.

To make payment, customers will generate a QR code using their smart phone and have it scanned by the Vexilor tablet. On the merchant end the exchange is in real time, payment approval happening almost instantaneously on the POS. Nine currencies, including the U.S. and Canadian dollars, are accepted by Bitpay and Vexilor and direct bank deposit is available in 33 currencies, which will allow a merchant to accept a wide range of currencies.

“Vexilor is an agile system and enabling bitcoin payments is an example of how we can quickly adapt to innovations that set our merchants apart,” said Jim Woodside, VP Payment Services of Givex. “Now our merchants will be one step ahead of competitors when catering to tech-savvy clientele.”

“Vexilor is the perfect partner for Bitpay. It is an adaptive and technologically intuitive POS which provides merchants with the latest innovations. Accepting bitcoin is the next step in this and is another way in which Vexilor is ahead of the game” said Stephanie Wargo, Vice President of Marketing of Bitpay.

Vexilor combines the functionality of enterprise legacy systems and the portability of new cloud based tablet apps in one easy to use POS solution. While Vexilor isn’t the first to offer this functionality, the company Givex, has been known in the merchant point of sales industry since 1999 and is one of the larger merchant systems to integrate bitcoin payment options.

Picture courtesy of Givex.

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