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BitPay’s new open source project Bitcore helps Bitcoin app developers

“At BitPay, we believe that developers contemplating new Bitcoin projects should not have to resort to using proprietary APIs hosted on services running closed software”. And that is exactly why the famous Bitcoin payment processor now decided to publicly launch its open source project Bitcore.

BitPay announced the news recently via a blog post. According to the company, all developers can now access this tool, which will facilitate the creation of software “that interfaces directly with the real Bitcoin network”. In other words, Bitcore is an open source JavaScript library that allows the users to do pretty much anything they can imagine with the Bitcoin protocol.

The payment processor states that the project was designed “to run server side on node.js or client side in a web browser and intersect with a trusted Bitcoin node (i.e. a bitcoind instance)”.

However, unlike what many people might think, Bitcore is anything but new. BitPay has been using it internally for the past year and the project was actually used to build successful apps such the block chain explorer Insight.

Like several other companies and projects, BitPay created an internal fork of Stefan Thomas’ bitcoinjs project. We’ve decided to open source that fork and put some effort into ensuring that it had sufficient capability out of the box to attract developers to start using it.

In the meantime, several other Bitcore projects are already underway. This package includes tools that can help the developers manage key storage, multi-signature workflows, as well as a JavaScript roller for browsers, among other new features.

Curly’s contest

BitPay has also recently announced the finalists of the “Where in the World is Curly?” contest. The company’s mascot has been travelling around the world and the merchants who received it were invited to take pictures of Curly in different parts of the planet.

Here are the three finalists:

Curly in Fiji
Curly in England
Curly in Slovakia
Curly in Slovakia

The three pictures come from very different parts of the globe. One of them will be the winner of the contest and get 1 BTC from BitPay.

The first image of Curly was taken in Fiji and submitted by South Pacific Real Estate, as the second one depicts a young child having fun outdoors in England and was submitted by ByTeminr Limited. The third one shows Curly in Slovakia and was submitted by

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