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Bitfinex Working with AlphaPoint

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​AlphaPoint is a technology company that powers digital currency exchanges and provides institutions aggregate access and order routing to digital currency markets. The New York company has the capability to process nearly 1 million transactions per second provides technology services to clients such as meXBT, and is adding a new client to the growing portfolio.

Bitfinex, and AlphaPoint are announcing that after extensive testing, Bitfinex’s integration with AlphaPoint’s trading engine has been completed and live rollout is underway.

“This is just the first step in our ongoing process to deliver the most reliable and feature­rich trading experience for our users. While we are stress testing and ensuring that every aspect of the system will function to our user’s high expectations, we are very pleased that we can showcase some of the fruits of our labor. We are actively enhancing and developing features that we expect will be warmly embraced by the trading community. While we take every precaution in this integration, we think this is a major step in that process.” said Josh Rossi, Vice President of Business Development at Bitfinex.

The first stage of the migration to the AlphaPoint platform has been completed, allowing users access to a new WebSocket API for market data, providing order book updates and executions in real­time. As the rollout continues, users can expect the following:

  • Rapid Trade Execution​­ AlphaPoint’s matching engine is HFT­ready, and designed to maintain speed at scale, even during extreme volume spikes.
  • Flexible Architecture​­ The flexibility and modularity of the AlphaPoint platform will allow traders and institutions to interact with Bitfinex’s liquidity using the protocol they are most comfortable with ­ such as WebSocket, High­Performance Binary, or FIX.
  • Scalability for the Future​­ The new flexible backend will enable new currency pairs, in addition to advanced order types and algorithmic strategies.

“Bitcoin and the blockchain are here to stay,” said Vadim Telyatnikov, CEO of AlphaPoint. “As the broader financial sector becomes involved, we feel there is going to be a strong need for a trusted central exchange with deep liquidity and best-in-class technology. We believe Bitfinex will fill this need, and we’re honored they selected us as their backbone.”

Bitfinex was established in 2012 and has been providing trading services for cryptocurrencies in the beta stage.

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