Bitcoinvention Asia 2013 will show why cryptocurrency “is the next solution” for the Asian market

Bitcoin is going to be the star of Bitcoinvention Asia 2013, which will happen on October 17th, in the Philippines. The event that intends to increase Bitcoin awareness in Asia will be happening at the Peninsula Hotel, in Makati (Manila), and the organization is expecting to have around 450 attendees, estimates Oron Barber, the event planner and cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

The decision of organizing this Bitcoinvention had to do with the fact that “Bitcoin is the next solution for many markets and here, in South East Asia, it’s gathering more power and capabilities”, Oron Barber explained to Bitcoin Examiner. The many countries gathered in the Asian continent are “a great new market for many Bitcoin products and services”, he added.

The convention’s program will have four panels with five speakers each and also two ‘open mic’ sessions, which will provide the opportunity to anyone who wants to talk about virtual coin or any related issue during 60 seconds. The attendees “can rest assured that all information about Bitcoin, related to Asia and in general, down to its smallest details, is very much authentic since all the speakers are not only good, but certified credible as they are experts in the Bitcoin industry”, states a press release.

Besides, companies and entrepreneurs that want to back the convention are also invited to join. For now, the Bitcoinvention already has “a few big sponsors”.

This is the next great step Asia was expecting to gather the local Bitcoiners and do some networking. For now, it looks like the continent sees cryptocurrency in the same way that Barber does: “Bitcoin is the next world currency. Nothing can stop it”.

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