“Bitcoin’s (BTC) Story May Have Come To An End” – The Independent Republic | $8,828.85

German researchers from the RWTH Aachen University, stepped on a weird and shocking discovery while exploring the digital currency’s blockchain archives. Apparently, Bitcoin’s (BTC) distributed ledger is being used, besides storing monetary information, to store hideous links and data connected to some hundreds of files with illegal pornographic content of underaged children.

Over 1600 files found in 1.4% of the blockchain, with a couple of them containing links to the sexually abusive imagery of young children, mostly stored on the dark web.

Other files included copyright violations as well as malware, the researchers say, while they suggested that this could be a reason to the end of Bitcoin’s (BTC) popularity since possession of child pornography is illegal in almost all jurisdictions.

Eulogy made by Ross Peili


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Horn Wijaya
Horn Wijaya

With every Advancement of anything, there’s always an upside and downside. It’s normal part of our lives. Knife: people kill with it, but no one bans it. Airplane: it was used to terrorise the world, but no one stops using it. Bombs: besides clearing landfill for trains, they are used as weapon of war, still in production nevertheless. Lives: we know we will die, but we live anyway. Porn of any sort will still exist with or without blockchain, please stop being narrow minded like those people in the market, who would blame burger if someone died of eating burger.… Read more »