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Press Release from BitcoinExpo 2014

 Disclaimer:  This is a press release provided to Coin Brief by BitcoinExpo 2014.

BitcoinExpo 2014

BitcoinExpo 2014 is the meeting hub of the emerging power of growing China and the Western traditions and innovations in technology.

Organizers of the Central European Bitcoin Expo that was held in Vienna at the end of May already proved that they have a great ability to globally connect people in the Bitcoin industry. They created a very friendly and informal atmosphere which resulted as added value and helped to create and support new business projects in the industry. These are only a few of many positive impacts. Organizers promised that BitcoinExpo 2014 will be even better and still different from other conferences. China is the biggest market with the highest exchange volumes, the biggest producer of the miners and also dominates in many other fields. Then there is western part of the world, which on the other hand offers the biggest personalities. The BitcoinExpo 2014 will combine both of these unique features of the East and the West.

Shanghai’s Expo will make a difference

BitcoinExpo 2014 will be a three day event that will start on Friday September 19th with a party. “It will be the best opportunity for networking, building relations and will also help all attendees to enjoy the whole event more than any other” says main event manager Andrej Sebesta and concludes “it will be a great chance introduce and to get to know Chinese culture better”. Saturday will start with both conference and expo. After opening plenary session and official start, attendees can enjoy very inspirational speeches covering almost every aspect and most up to date topics which will be presented by the local experts as well as by those from the other parts of the world. Second inevitable part of the event is exhibition were everyone can enjoy presentation of brand new or very innovative products and services and talk with a lot of interesting company representatives. So when you want to join and have a chance of meeting the most respected business representatives or you just want to have reliable information about the Chinese Bitcoin community from their very well recognized members and much more, buy your tickets now for the earlybird prices here.

Who, when and how much?

Enrepreneurs, Investors, Startups, Legal professionals, Advisors, Enthusiasts, Students and everybody else is welcome.

Conference will take place in Shanghai on 19-21 of September, 2014.

You have time until the 8th of August to buy an early bird 2 day full ticket for ONLY 169EUR/ RMB 1488 or VIP three day ticket for ONLY 299 EUR/ RMB 2588.


BitcoinExpo 2014 will not only be one of the biggest Bitcoin related events but one of the most accessible of all events with a lot to offer to the whole crypto community so do not hesitate, join and help grow the community worldwide. Bitcoin Expo 2014 will take place in Shanghai on September 19-21, 2014.


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